May 27, 2020

Bonk Against The Boundaries

This week on Overtime, we discuss whether remote work is the new normal after more companies announce permanent work-from-home policies. Then, Meg helps us embrace all the ways we’ve changed as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Last but not least, Meg tackles the subject of impostor syndrome and encourages us to redefine those pre-determined labels of what it means to be a designer.

May 20, 2020

Toucan Play At This (Design) Game

This week on Overtime, Froot Loops gives our old friend Toucan Sam an unexpected redesign that has the whole internet talking. Plus, more creatives make and sell face masks to earn extra income while helping those on the front lines. Finally, Noah Glenn—host of ‘Like You’, a mindfulness podcast for kids—drops by to expand our definition of mindfulness and what we should be learning from kids.

May 13, 2020

Side-Benefits of Side-Projects

Meg shares a handful of virtual museum tours worth checking out right now, and gives us a rundown of how unemployment and PPP loans work as a self-employed creative right now. Plus, Charli Prangley and Femke van Schoonhoven stop by to talk about making time for side projects while balancing a full-time job. Thanks to .ME for sponsoring this episode!

May 6, 2020

Shut Up And Zoom

This week on Overtime, we learn that popping into a Zoom room full of silent people is a thing that actually isn’t awkward, artists get creative with toilet paper to raise money for COVID-19 relief, and Eric Friedensohn joins Meg to talk about making murals and building community. Thanks to .ME for sponsoring this episode!

Apr 29, 2020

Make Friends With Strangers

This week on Overtime, Meg and The Futur’s Matthew Encina discuss a new, self-destructing website, how to uncover the unique POV you have to offer the world, and tips for building more meaningful connections with people, both on and offline. Thanks to Patreon for sponsoring this episode!

Apr 22, 2020

Is Lo-Fi The New Hi-Fi?

This week on Overtime, we explore what design trends might look like once the pandemic is over, a DIY approach to producing quality video content on your own, and why paying attention & documenting your feelings during this time in history may just pay off in the future. Thanks to Patreon for sponsoring this episode!

Apr 15, 2020

Making Lemonade Out Of Grapefruits

This week on Overtime, a new contest has designers creating the ugliest logos you can imagine, and designers grab their pitchforks over a renowned publication’s controversial Tweet. Plus, Meg chats with lettering artist and illustrator Mary Kate McDevitt about being productive (or not) during self-isolation. Thanks to Patreon for sponsoring this episode!

Apr 8, 2020

Make What Ya Wanna Make

This week on Overtime, designers use their skills to help those affected by COVID-19, while some corporations attempt to promote social distancing through new branding efforts. Plus, tactile illustrator Alicja Colon joins Meg to talk about owning your creative destiny and making the dang thing already! Thanks to Patreon for sponsoring this episode!

Apr 1, 2020

We're All Human Mullets

This week on Overtime, Meg weighs in on the latest obsession with Animal Crossing and how it’s helping designers cope, Nissan’s new logo, and she responds to a listener voicemail! Plus, designer Mick Champayne joins the conversation to talk about injecting humor into your work. Thanks to Patreon for sponsoring this episode!

Mar 25, 2020

The Show Must Go On

Meg discusses an upcoming design event that’s actually happening, how she plans to continue her freelance career while supporting small businesses, and Slack’s new product updates. Plus, special guest Ashley Hohnstein joins us to share tips for more mindful and helpful design critiques.

Mar 18, 2020

Let's Be Alone Together

Meg shares advice for working from home amidst the COVID-19 outbreak along with mental health tips to keep you sane. Plus, special guest Erik Westra joins us to talk about managing IRL events to keep the public safe and healthy. Thanks to Oxygen Bank for sponsoring this episode!

Mar 11, 2020

Personal Style, Personal Six-Pack

Illustrator extraordinaire Alice Lee co-hosts this week’s episode of Overtime! Meg and Alice discuss a more eco-friendly Instagram interface, BMW’s new logo redesign, and how to let your inner style loose. Thanks to .ME for sponsoring this episode!

Mar 4, 2020

PortfoliNO? PortfoliYES!

In this episode, Meg shares some valuable design portfolio tips and digs into the latest news like whether IKEA furniture in a museum is art, and bad guys using iPhones. Thanks to .ME for sponsoring this episode!

Feb 26, 2020

If Someone Else Likes It, That's a Bonus

Overtime: If Someone Else Likes It, That's A Bonus!

Dribbble’s Co-Founder Dan Cederholm joins us on this episode of Overtime! Meg and Dan chat all about life after Dribbble, the value of designers today, and why you should consider self-publishing. Thanks to .ME for sponsoring this episode.

Feb 19, 2020

Butt What Can You Do?

Overtime: Butt What Can I Do?

In this episode, Meg discusses Sears’ new rebrand, an awesome new hand-lettering manual, and the trailer for Wes Anderson’s new movie. Plus, Meg chats with Fanny Luor and Sean Suchara about designing for social good. Thanks to Oxygen for sponsoring this episode!

Feb 12, 2020

Put A Label On It (Or Don't)

Overtime: Put A Label On It (Or Don't)

Meg and today’s co-host Rogie King talk all about a new design tool, designing from memory, and Amazon Dating. Plus, they dive into whether design titles and labels are harmful or helpful. Thanks to Oxygen Banking for sponsoring this episode!

Feb 5, 2020

Speaking of Speaking...

Overtime: Speaking of Speaking...

Meg talks all things design events and conferences—which ones to attend, gender representation on stage, and tips for giving a good talk & sending speaking proposals. Also, special correspondent Ryan Arruda joins us to deliver the latest typography news. This episode is brought to you by .ME

Jan 29, 2020

WTF Aaron Carter

Overtime: WTF Aaron Carter

Meg banters with hand-lettering artist extraordinaire Lauren Hom about jerks who steal work, misty movie posters, and the joy of passion projects. Plus, a special sit-down with Ryan Scott Tandy, Director of Product Design at Instacart.

Jan 22, 2020

About That Toilet Tweet

Overtime: About That Toilet Tweet

In today’s episode, host Meg Lewis talks about the new Fisher-Price rebrand, Netflix-induced sleep loss, and why you should always show up as yourself.

Jan 15, 2020

Overtime Is Back: New Host, Meg Lewis Talks 2020 Goals & List Making

Dribbble Overtime 2.0 episode 1 is live!

Welcome to the new Overtime! In this episode, host Meg Lewis and today’s co-host Andy J. Pizza chat about design trends, foam pits, productivity, and the value of New Year’s resolutions.