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A little bit about Meg Lewis

I use my skills as a designer and my love for comedy to make the world a happier place through design, books, talks, writing, spaces, podcasts, workshops, and videos!

I’ve been a freelance brand designer for over 10 years! I specialize in clean, bright, personable design and creating brands that the world loves.

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Latest Episode

Overtime: Smucker Up & Start A Podcast

Episode 98

Smucker Up & Start A Podcast

This week on Overtime, you asked and I’m going to do it—I finally acknowledge Smucker’s unexpected new logo redesign. Plus, we talk about why building communities is so important right now and how to start making friends with your design peers. Then, have you ever thought about starting a podcast? We answer all of your burning questions around what the heck you should even talk about, how you’re supposed to edit it, and why you should even start one in the first place.

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Past episodes

  • Overtime: The Truth About Freelancing

    Episode 97

    The Truth About Freelancing

    Do you have what it takes to be a freelancer? This week on Overtime, Meg reveals what it’s really like to be a freelance professional and shares her biggest lessons learned after ten years of experience. But first, what the heck is a “micro-cafe”? Get the inside scoop on the latest pandemic-friendly coffee shops. Plus, get inspired to support, celebrate, and lift up the makers of the world. Let’s go!

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  • Overtime: Searching for Inspiration

    Episode 96

    Searching For Inspiration

    This week on Overtime—a designer invents a new product that makes eating burritos easier than ever. Plus, what the heck is an Ortholinear 40% Keyboard and why is everybody talking about it on Twitter? And, are you feeling completely uninspired lately? Let’s talk about how to reinspire yourself in the face of 2020’s many obstacles.

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  • Overtime: Our New Fake Reality

    Episode 95

    Our New Fake Reality

    Are CGI and 3D renderings actually helpful during COVID times or just causing more of the same issues we’ve had all along? Things get wild when we find out a CGI model isn’t a real human, and we’re digging into all the pros & cons! Then, figure out what type of designer you’re meant to become—a linchpin or an entrepreneur? Last but not least, learn some useful strategies to help you successfully market yourself as a creative and land more of the work you love.

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  • Overtime: Great Design Takes Time

    Episode 94

    Great Design Takes Time

    This week on Overtime… is your brand actually a bland ? It might be! Plus, we talk about how to stretch those (socially awkward) muscles during the pandemic. Last but not least, I’m sharing an important lesson I’ve learned from teaching new designers: Design takes a heck of a lot more time than you think it does—and that’s okay!

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  • Overtime: When Non-Designers Design Stuff

    Episode 93

    When Non-Designers Design Stuff

    This week on Overtime, the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics logo is revealed, and you won’t believe who designed it… we dig into why it’s so controversial. Plus, get the inside scoop on a new productivity service that’s supposed to be “an extension of your mind”. Last but not least, illustrator Kirk Wallace drops by to talk about how unique and varied inspiration sources can actually lead to more interesting work. Thanks to Framer for sponsoring this episode!

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  • Overtime: A Logo Drenched in Class

    Episode 92

    A Logo Drenched In Class

    This week on Overtime, get the inside scoop on the extra fancy new Rolls-Royce rebrand designed by the folks at Pentagram! Plus, what is Auto-Tune Typography? Learn all about the typographic trend you’ve been seeing all over the internet. Then, what the heck is going on with Instagram? We dig into the different ways to engage your audience amidst the many changes in social media trends.

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