Jun 27, 2017

Episode 16: Danielle Evans

Ice Queen

In our 16th Overtime episode, Dan chats with Danielle Evans—a visual artist, letterer, and designer from Columbus, Ohio. In this episode, Danielle recounts starting a design career during the recession and how she got the idea for food typography. Dan and Danielle also talk about talks about how she prepares for her food lettering pieces, the value of community, the temporary nature of her work, learning other skills like photography to support her work, and more.

Jun 13, 2017

Episode 15: Rogie King

Sailor Jerry × Disney × Rogie

Our guest on Overtime episode 15 is Rogie King. Rogie is a talented illustrator, designer, and developer and he’s been a long time Dribbble member. In this episode, we talk about how Rogie got into design, the origin story of Super Team Deluxe, the challenges of working alone, the benefits of collaboration, Rogie’s plans for the future, and more. A big thank you to Jamf Now for supporting Overtime.

May 23, 2017

Episode 14: Aaron Draplin

Draplin Poster

Our guest on Overtime episode 14 is Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co. In this episode, Dan and Aaron discuss dropping the jargon and talking about graphic design in normal terms, how Aaron uses Instagram, why he doesn’t waste time policing the internet, why he believes everyone deserves great design, who inspires him, and the challenges of shipping merch and managing work while touring. This episode is brought to you by MyFonts.

May 9, 2017

Episode 13: Amy and Jennifer Hood

Final Middle Waves Hoodzpah Dribbble Detail

Our guests for lucky episode 13 are Amy and Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah Design Co., a boutique branding firm specializing in bold, unapologetic design across print and web. They also run Odds and Sods, an online shop where they sell enamel pins, shirts, posters, and other unnecessary necessaries. This episode is brought to you by My Favorite Five, the brand new MyFonts newsletter series that profiles hardworking designers.

Apr 25, 2017

Episode 12: Linda Eliasen

Happy Whatever!

In our latest Overtime episode, Dan chats with Linda Eliasen—a designer, illustrator, art director, and all-around creative. Linda currently freelances in NYC, but before that, she worked at Ueno, Dropbox, Mailchimp, and Squarespace. In this episode, she shares her illustration workflow, a story about puppets, and what it’s like to try something new. A big thank you to SiteGround for supporting Overtime.

Apr 11, 2017

Episode 11: Kelli Anderson

A piece of paper that takes photos!

We’re excited to have Kelli Anderson as our guest for episode 11 of Overtime. Kelli is a tinkerer, designer, artist, printmaker, and all-around creative force in the design world. In this episode, Dan and Kelli chat about the inspiration behind her unique design projects, how science plays a role in her work, her upcoming book, and more. This episode of Overtime is brought to you by SiteGround.

Mar 28, 2017

Episode 10: Fraser Davidson

6 Nations Rugby

In episode 10 of Overtime, Dan chats with Fraser Davidson—an award-winning motion graphic designer and animator and one of the founding members of Cub Studio. This episode is brought to you by SiteGround.

Mar 14, 2017

Episode 9: JP Boneyard

Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Detail)

In our 9th Overtime episode, Dan chats with JP Boneyard, Creative Director of The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series and producer of the National Poster Retrospecticus. JP shares what it’s like to work with other designers, how he got into curating and hosting events at a young age, an in-depth explanation of the screen printing process, and more. This episode is brought to you by Hired.

Feb 22, 2017

Episode 8: Meg Robichaud

Notifications give me anxiety

We’re excited to kick off Overtime, Season 2 with Meg Robichaud. In this episode, we discuss how Meg manages illustration work at a large company, whether or not you should do unpaid work for friends, and why she started writing about her illustration process on Medium. A big thank you to Hired for sponsoring this episode.

Dec 1, 2016

Episode 7: Gleb Kuznetsov

Electric vehicle cluster design

In this episode, Gleb Kuznetsov shares the struggles he overcame while learning design and development in Russia, how he got his job at Fantasy, why it pays to work on side projects just for fun, and more.

Nov 9, 2016

Bonus Episode: Adam Darowski


In this bonus episode, they discuss the challenges in designing for designers, Adam’s love of sports, how he recorded and produced his own punk rock album, and a shot from Sergio Ingravalle.

Oct 20, 2016

Bonus Episode: Alison Harshbarger


In this Overtime bonus episode, Dan sits down for a quick chat with Dribbble’s community manager, Alison Harshbarger.

Sep 29, 2016

Episode 6: Bill Kenney

The New 500px

Overtime is Dribbble’s audio companion where we talk to Dribbble members about their background, process, and shots. In this episode, Dan chats with Bill Kenney, co-founder and creative director of Focus Lab.

Jul 13, 2016

Episode 5: Allison House

Tweedy's "Summer Noon" music video

In this episode, Dan and Allison discuss how she made the transition to 3D, how she’s working to help other designers do the same, and why it’s important to push yourself and get into uncomfortable territory.

May 19, 2016

Episode 4: Bethany Heck

The value of multi typeface design

In this episode, Dan Cederholm and Bethany Heck discuss the importance of firm criticism, learning to accept that you won’t always win (and why that’s ok), how Eephus League got started, why “stick to two typefaces” is a rule that you can break, and more.

Apr 5, 2016

Episode 3: Justin Mezzell

Super Magical Funtime

Overtime is Dribbble’s audio companion where we talk to Dribbble members about their background, process, and shots. In this interview, Dan talks with illustrator and designer Justin Mezzell.

Feb 17, 2016

Episode 2: Laura Bohill

Design Makes Everything Possible

In this episode, Dan speaks with freelance illustrator, icon artist, branding specialist, letterer, and all around cool person, Laura Bohill. Laura and Dan chat about freelancing, accents, Ghostly Ferns, working with folks you love, why you don’t have to be good at everything to be successful, and much more.

Dec 16, 2015

Episode 1: Ian Brignell

"Share a Coke" Font

Overtime is Dribbble’s audio companion and our first foray into the world of audio. In this interview, Dan talks with letter, logo, and font designer, Ian Brignell.