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Art by Brad Cuzen

Mid‑Century Modern Graphic Design Inspiration

Oh, what would we do without our trusty MCM? This graphic design trend took the world by storm post-WWII for a good reason. The clean and straightforward lines did a lot to inspire future trends, including the minimalist movement that so many designers are so fond of.

And although these designs definitely give off a “retro” vibe, mid-century modern elements in graphic design aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Playful, shape-based lettering is still prevalent throughout many modern designs, along with many geometric stylings.

In fact, the colors, more than anything else, tend to give most MCM graphic designs a “retro” feeling. Trade in the earthy browns, oranges, and greens for some greyscale and neons, and you have a more modern Mid-century Modern aesthetic that any Palm Springs resident would be ecstatic about.

Mid-Century Modern-Inspired Graphic Design

  1. Hero flat george hero icon mid century modern modern nelson numerals type specimen typography
  2. The Modern Home Bar 70s bar branding identity mid century modern retro
  3. House 01 house mid century mid century modern retro
  4. Party Invitation cocktails icon illustration mid century modern overlay party
  5. Mid Cent House 1960s architecture building house icon illustration line art logo mid century modern retro vintage
  6. Party Invitation booze cocktail illustration mid century modern
  7. Brid Century Modern - Bird IV abstract bird geometric illustration licensing mid century modern midcentury pattern pattern design red retro surface design surface pattern textile design textured turquoise vintage
  8. Shot Link
  9. Vases design illustration mid century modern plant retro stylized vase vessel
  10. Make Yourself At Home illustration illustrator midcentury room
  11. Mod Digs illustration mid century modern retro
  12. Shot Link
  13. Prairieland Vintage branding logo mid century modern midcentury palm canyon drive prairie prairies responsive branding starburst vintage wheat
  14. Palm Springs Pils beer branding can craft beer design illustration midcentury modern packaging palm script typography vintage
  15. 0096 abstract art artwork colors daily design forms freebie geometric geometry illustration midcentury minimal modern modernism pattern poster postmodern print vector

Row 1: Kyle Anthony Miller, Ethan Silva, Victoria Fernández. Row 2: Whitney Anderson, Steve Wolf, Whitney Anderson. Row 3: Zara Picken, Lisa Engler, Mia Ditmanson. Row 4: Justin Mezzell, Justin Mezzell, Nicola Broderick. Row 5: Tracy Niven, Chad Gowey for Blindtiger Design, Normform.

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