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Art by Maryna Gerdiy

Get Inspired: Bold social media graphics to engage your audience

Ah, social media. We’ve come a long way from Facebook 2008 to Instagram 2010 (remember Sierra or Mayfair filters, anyone?). In the past, posting 60-90 photos from a night out was acceptable, and uploading professional photos would almost instantly earn you 10K Instagram followers.

That’s enough reminiscing. Social media is now more popular than ever, so we need to be creative and intentional with the designs we choose.

These social media designs will catch your eye, whether creative wine club branding, plant, or puppy-themed posts. With posts like these, growing your (or your client’s) social audience will be a breeze. ■

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  1. Retro podcast creator for Instagram blue brand branding colorful episode guest host instagram template listen now pink play podcast podcast art podcast template podcaster podcasting red retro retro brand retro design
  2. Party On Social art direction branding design environment illustration layout logo party photography pink social startup type
  3. Wine club branding branding bright club identity logo modern neon typography wine wordmark
  4. Social media ads for services ad design ads advertising banner banner ads branding campaign design facebook instagram jobs post services social ads social banners social media social media ads stories
  5. MIELOJI social media branding colourful design heart line outline playful serif serif font serif typeface social media social media design social media tempaltes women
    Shot Link
  6. kelpy social design
  7. Shot Link
  8. Bright Orange Social Media Display Ads ad ad design ads bright canva colorful display ads facebook ad instagram ad instagram design instagram templates mental health orange social media social media ad
  9. Tones & Tunes Social Media Graphics brand identity branding clean instagram post social media social media design typogaphy
  10. things that don't pan out color design grid illustration type
  11. Social Media Campaign blobs feed instagram instagram post organic shapes social media social media templates soft
  12. Mono Instagram Templates Kit #6 banner bloger download facebook icons intagram kit media pixelbuddha post social template templates

Row 1: Ruxandra Nastase, Jessica Strelioff, Rebekah Rhoden. Row 2: Mike Denzel, Kamile Korsakaite for andstudio 🇺🇦, 𝚕𝚞𝚕𝚊. Row 3: Julia Dmitrievna for Geex Arts, Janna Hagan ⚡️, Boby Haryanto. Row 4: Renée Gabrielle, Meg Lewis, Pixelbuddha.

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