12 creative packaging design ideas to inspire your next product

Packaging plays a significant role in selling a product when it is done creatively and correctly. There’s more to promotional products than applying a logo to a box or creating a fancy label. Consumers are attracted to it, and it communicates a message.

In most cases, the packaging is used to protect products. Now packaging design is diverse. Although most packaging is designed to keep products safe, others help brands stand out and entertain customers. It can be why a customer tries a product for the first time.

Whether it’s clean, muted colors or whimsical details that lighten the mood, the designs customers gravitate towards these days show the impact creative packaging has on their buying decisions.

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Enjoy a collection of creative packaging designs

Packaging is an integral part of a product’s branding, and standing out amongst the crowd is not an easy task. We have put together this collection of 12 creative and unique packaging examples to help you get ideas and maybe even inspire your next design.

  1. Siegfried Gin – Tokyo alcohol bottle design drinks geometric gin illustration label packaging spot illustration tokyo vector
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  2. Grace stella
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  3. AMAR CARIBE animal branding design geometry icon icon design illustration logo symbol
  4. Make Quality Tangible Part 1 branding illustration lettering mexico packaging packaging design packaging designer typography
  5. Chai Concentrate botanical chai floral flowers illustration packaging design
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  6. Vildmark — Sun Tea Whiskey flask glass illustration sun tea whiskey
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  7. Ellen Mote Jewelry box branding clean gift box jewelry jewelry box jewelry boxes label minimal packaging packagingdesign small white
  8. Illustrations for plant-based milks colorful cute drink packaging flat color food packaging illustration leena kisonen lettering logo milk milk packaging packaging plant-based milk scandinavian
  9. Kaff Coffee Bottles beverage branding coffee cold design drink espresso food identity logo packaging startup typography
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  10. House of Cans beer beer label beer packaging illustration label design packaging
  11. Kombucha Culture Branding & Packaging branding branding design cpg design identity label label design logo packaging
  12. AWAKE - Packaging Design Concept 3d awake brand branding cgi gradient identity logo morning nutrition packaging product render sachet sunrise sunset supplement very peri visual
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Row 1: Makers Company, Kristian Hay for ZAK, Enrike Puerto. Row 2: Abraham Lule for Closer&Closer, Christina Fischer, Brent Schoepf. Row 3: Amber Asay, Leena Kisonen, Salih Küçükağa. Row 4: Tim Boelaars, Ryan Hammond for Herefor Studio, Alex Spenser • Brand Designer for The Faces Studio.

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