1. Grace & Stella - Branding + Packaging wordmark wellness beauty packaging typography vancouver branding identity
    View Grace & Stella - Branding + Packaging
    Grace & Stella - Branding + Packaging
  2. Mikro Edibles typography packaging cannabis logo branding weed marijuana cannabis packaging vancouver cannabis branding cannabis
    View Mikro Edibles
    Mikro Edibles
  3. Wellness cbd wellness agency art direction icon logo mark vancouver branding identity
    View Wellness
  4. Cheviot Products - 2019 Catalogue print design print layout editorial type agency art direction typography vancouver branding identity
    View Cheviot Products - 2019 Catalogue
    Cheviot Products - 2019 Catalogue
  5. The Lemon Grail selfcare beauty lemon illustration icon mark logo vancouver branding identity
    View The Lemon Grail
    The Lemon Grail
  6. Potluck Wordmark lettering cannabis wordmark type art direction typography icon mark logo vancouver branding identity
    View Potluck Wordmark
    Potluck Wordmark
  7. Smart Home Illustrations electricity smart home ui illustration icon design art direction branding vancouver identity
    View Smart Home Illustrations
    Smart Home Illustrations
  8. M Mark monogram agency art direction typography icon mark logo branding vancouver identity
    View M Mark
    M Mark
  9. Icon Suite illustration corporate digital startup suite set branding icon
    View Icon Suite
    Icon Suite
  10. Conversations
    View Conversations
  11. Nora's Non-Dairy Ice Cream wordmark ice cream agency packaging art direction typography logo vancouver branding identity
    View Nora's Non-Dairy Ice Cream
    Nora's Non-Dairy Ice Cream
  12. Vancouver Warriors agency warriors star shield professional sports nll lacrosse art direction icon mark logo branding vancouver identity
    View Vancouver Warriors
    Vancouver Warriors
  13. Team Eagle strong bold system mark icon team bird illustration fast sports logo eagle
    View Team Eagle
    Team Eagle
  14. J/ logotype branding agency brand modular mark icon logo
    View J/
  15. Logo Concept agency mark tech digital curve gradient j icon logo
    View Logo Concept
    Logo Concept
  16. Pattern Exploration agency branding rebrand tech startup exploration modular pattern
    View Pattern Exploration
    Pattern Exploration
  17. Poster Teaser layer texture 2018 festival brand halftone typography design poster
    View Poster Teaser
    Poster Teaser
  18. Abstract R geometric modernist abstract icon symbol logo typography letter r
    View Abstract R
    Abstract R
  19. Rise - Alternate icon vancouver branding identity packaging art direction agency 70s vintage retro rise dynamic
    View Rise - Alternate
    Rise - Alternate
  20. Rising dynamic rise shield agency art direction packaging identity branding vancouver icon
    View Rising
  21. Texture & Type branding design art direction termina halftone typography texture
    View Texture & Type
    Texture & Type
  22. National Parks of Canada maple leaf stars mountains illustration tee badge parks canada
    View National Parks of Canada
    National Parks of Canada
  23. Adventure Awaits - WIP illustration canada parks nature national vancouver branding identity art direction agency type
    View Adventure Awaits - WIP
    Adventure Awaits - WIP
  24. Britannia Brewing Cans type beer agency art direction packaging identity branding vancouver brewery nautical typography knockout
    View Britannia Brewing Cans
    Britannia Brewing Cans
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