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Make More, Work Less: Artificial Intelligence Tools for Every Type of Creative

The future is now. It may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but artificial intelligence (AI) is here and is empowering creators. AI tools complete the necessary tasks that move the creative process forward much faster, so creative professionals can focus on the bigger picture.

Here’s a few of the AI tools supporting different types of artists to create the future, today.

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For graphic designers & photographers

For artists involved in graphic design, editing, and photography, AI can help give more options and take assets to the next level in less time.

Adobe Photoshop users can harness the power of neural filters, an AI feature that enables artists to make complex adjustments to highly detailed images in seconds. Using the Smart Portrait feature you can take a picture and experiment with naturally blended edits to facial characteristics including gaze direction, subject positioning and lighting angles. No need for hours of manual edits, this can be done by dragging a slider.

Images turning out picture perfect is another important part of the creative process for image-based creators. AI Enhance Images feature in Adobe Lightroom ensures it by using machine learning to sharpen and improve image quality while running up to 5x faster on NVIDIA RTX graphic cards (GPUs).

This works hand in hand with Super Resolution, which improves an image’s quality by enlarging photos while keeping clean edges and maintaining important details. This is done a staggering 27x faster when powered by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 laptop GPU.

For 3D designers & illustrators

Creatives specializing in 3D now have access to tools that will both expedite the rendering process and optimize finalized creations.

Making massive 3D scenes doesn’t have to take forever with the AI power of denoising in Blender. Denoising is a process that predicts what your final image will look like from partial renders while designing in the viewport.

This gives creators the time and support to try new ideas and make fast changes all while knowing how the render will turn out.

For filmmakers & editors

For the filmmakers who are ready to stop cutting film and get right to the editing and exporting, there’s AI tools to support editing workflows Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve 17.

Magic Mask uses AI and the DaVinci Neural Engine to automatically create masks for entire people or specific features so they do not have to be painstakingly removed manually.

Meanwhile, Smart Reframe edits 16:9 HD or Ultra HD footage to square or vertical versions quickly by detecting and tracking objects to keep them in frame.

Scene Cut Detection analyzes content in the editing timeline and automatically applies blade edits to isolate each scene, so editors won’t have to painstakingly apply edits individually, saving lots of precious time.

Adobe Premiere Pro fans have similar AI tools including Scene Edit Detection, which is optimized by NVIDIA GPUs to detect and tag cuts in video files to knock out long scrubbing sessions of manual edits. Auto Reframe helps support the editing process further by automatically keeping the important parts of your shot in frame by reformatting aspect ratios for your desired social media size.

What will you make?

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What will you make?

NVIDIA Studio This blog post was written and sponsored by our friends at NVIDIA Studio—Create at the speed of imagination.

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