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21 Epic Dribbble Shots to set as your Zoom background

Here at Dribbble, our team has been having plenty of fun experimenting with different Zoom backgrounds on our remote calls. And you better believe we’ve been scouring our very own site to find some awesome artwork to use!

Whether you’re using Zoom for remote meetings or to stay connected with friends and family as we shelter in place, try shaking things up with some fun, virtual background scenes. Below are some of our favorite Dribbble Shots that will easily transport you to a new world on your next virtual call.

For instructions on how to change your Zoom background, check out their handy guide here.

The Tale of Madagascar bird blue chesterzoo hill illustration illustrations landscape lemur light nature tree zoo

The Tale of Madagascar

by Febin Raj

Another illustration for Uber agency about Madagascar Story. See the full project in here - Behance

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NYC Sunset building cityscape digital graphic illustration new york sunset vector windows

NYC Sunset

by Folio Illustration Agency

#FolioFeatured: 'New York City at Sunset', Personal piece © Peter Greenwood.

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Cenote blue cenote diver diving drawing illustration light photoshop purple rays rocks water


by Jona Dinges

Back from my honeymoon in Mexico. The cenotes and diving there was amazing.

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NYC subway character city flat illustration landscape nyc phone subway texture train usa

NYC subway

by The Bearded

Another "just for fun" piece. Trying out some new brushes and new textures. I'm always keen for feedback about composition, colors and the such.

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Hk Shades wallpaper automotive city game gat hong kong illustration light neon night trystram wallpaper

Hk Shades wallpaper

by Romain Trystram

Hello, here is a crop from an illustration of hong kong. I am always trying to understand better lighting and explore further with shapes and colors. I attached the full illustration. You can download it as wallpaper.

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AT-AT Walkers On The Way at at fighter fireart fireart studio galaxy gradient illustration landscape planet purple red simple space star star wars sunrise sunset tie walkers

AT-AT Walkers On The Way

by Patryk Wojciechowicz for Fireart Studio

client@fireart.studioOne more battle for the Empire...Follow us on Twitter & Facebook & Instagram You're always welcome to visit our amazing Blog

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On The Road Again adventure brian edward miller illustration landscape mountains nature ocs orlin culture shop outdoors retro vintage

On The Road Again

by Brian Edward Miller

Doesn't get much more peaceful than illustrating outdoor scenes with trains... Hope all your projects are going well!

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Winter village - illustration art clean colors design illustration winter

Winter village - illustration

by Outcrowd

Have you ever been in a winter village? Not yet? No worries, guys. We’ve tried conveying the atmosphere and emotions on our illustration. Imagine you are drinking tea (or a glass of red wine :) ) in one of the houses and watching the nature outside the ...

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Yoga Cat Pattern asana background cat chakra character design exercise feline fitness gym illustration illustrator meditation namaste pattern pet sport yoga zen

Yoga Cat Pattern

by Denis Sazhin

I mean, can you even imagine more flexible and and meditative character to practice yoga? Really? Can you? Give it a try, but I bet you can't!

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Agrabah castle digital disney fantasy folioart illustration james gilleard landscape


by Folio Illustration Agency

#FolioFeatured: Dream Destinations at Gallery Nucleus © @James Gilleard

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Airport at dusk airport city dusk illustration leaving newyork plane

Airport at dusk

by dongkyu lim

I created this shot after getting inspiration from one of my favorite YouTubers, QFS Aviation. ( From his video, he took a plane from New York to London and filmed really awesome scene whi...

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Clif Bar Product Illustration clif bar clouds dan kuhlken dkng dkng studios hills lake mountains nathan goldman rock climbing sky trees vector

Clif Bar Product Illustration


Recently we had the opportunity to work with the design team at Clif Bar on some illustration exploration for a few of their newest products - Fruit Smoothie Filled Bars, Energy Granola, and a refresh of their core Clif Bar packaging. While the illustra...

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Spring Landscape background art background design design flat flat design flat illustration graphic design graphicdesign illustration illustration art illustration design illustrator landscape design landscape illustration minimal minimal illustration vector

Spring Landscape

by Chiara

Experimenting with flat design and colours. That's a spring landscape. What do you think? Any Advice?

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Adobe Illustration cockpit dan kuhlken dkng dkng studios galaxy nathan goldman planet space stars

Adobe Illustration


Looks like our illustration is featured when you open up the latest version of Adobe Illustrator! Check out the attached image to get a closer look at the entire composition.

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Travel adventure background camp camping fire forest illustration mountains moutains nature outdoors tent texture tourism trip


by Daria Zariankina

In the final version of this illustration there is a yeti, and later in the article you can find a yeti eating marshmallows with eyes😁👀

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Countryside landscape 2d adobe illustrator background background design country countryside design fields flat grass illustartion illustration landscape rural sky spring summer textured vector village

Countryside landscape

by Svitlana Holovei

Countryside landscape illustration for agricultural magazine.

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Yosemite/EPI1 epicurrence illustration mountains nature purple sunrise sunset yosemite


by Zak Steele-Eklund for Studio VØR

Hey guys, hope you're good. This is an illustration we did for Dann Petty's Epicurrence project a few months back. I'm sure you've all seen it before, but just sharing it in it's original form. Thanks for checking it out, have a good one!

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Elephant 3d animal blender elephant illustration landscape low poly lowpoly savanna sundown sunrise sunset


by Jona Dinges

different low poly style - experimenting with hard edges based on angle . attached a timelapse for the base sculpt

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