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How to get creative with your new Dribbble Profile

With the launch of Dribbble’s new Pro Profiles, the creative possibilities for showcasing your personal brand are endless. We love seeing all of the different ways designers are choosing to customize their profiles, and today we’re excited to share some unique ideas to inspire your own!

Below you’ll find a handful of stand-out designer profiles that do a great job at telling a brand a story through copy and imagery—from how the welcome text is crafted, to thoughtfully selected header imagery, and everything in between. So without further ado, here’s how you can get a little creative with your own Dribbbe Pro Profile.

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1. Your Intro Text

Now that you’re full designer bio lives your About section, use your intro-text to make a short and sweet statement about your work. Think about pulling people in, grabbing their attention, and making a lasting impression. What do you want visitors to learn about you once landing on your profile? Here are a few ideas:

A mission statement

What’s your work all about? What do you believe in as a designer? Use these questions as a guide to come up with a concise statement about your work that reflects what you share. In just a few words, design duo Spoon & Spear did just this with their welcome text. We immediately understand their merch designs are inspired by adventure, travel, and the outdoors:

An Elevator Pitch

You can also use this section of text as a brief introduction—a virtual elevator pitch if you will. For example, Olga Vasik’s profile immediately tells us the kind of design services she offers and that she’s a freelancer currently looking for opportunities. If getting hired is your top priority, it doesn’t hurt to call that out!

An expression of yourself

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your intro text! Use it as an opportunity to express yourself and let your personality shine. Designer & Illustrator Mick Champayne gets playful with her copy by adding emojis and a statement that reflects her vibe as a designer—she loves injecting humor into her work and it’s easy to see that:

2. Your Header Image

We all know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. So when selecting a header image for your profile, choose something that speaks volumes about you and your work. A bold, attention-grabbing graphic will help pull people in and make your profile that much more memorable. Here are a few options to consider:

A design that reflects your body of work

Choose a shot of your work that is both eye-catching and reflects your aesthetic as a designer. Whether it be a project you’re most proud of or your most popular piece of work, here are some great ideas you can take inspiration from:

A photograph

Another great option is to use a photograph. Show potential clients or employers the face behind the work (or the workspace where the magic happens) to help them gain trust and rapport. Check out these awesome profiles that make stellar use of photography:

Elements of your branding

You can also try inserting aspects of your branding into your header image. Whether it be your personal logo, wordmark, or an illustrative avatar of yourself, this is a space to get creative. Get inspired by profiles like Kyle Loaney, Ryan Prudhomme (pictured below), and Rogie King for some fun ideas.

3. Bringing It All Together

Now that you’ve got a few ideas to play around with, here are some examples of designers who have done a great job at branding themselves through their Dribbble Profile. Looking at these profiles, you can feel a strong sense of cohesiveness and get a full picture of who these designers are at a glance.

Lorena G

This illustrator’s profile gets straight to the point. Lorena G is a freelancer with a very distinct geometric and colorful style. Calling that out in her intro is a great way to attract clients who are specifically looking for this, and the example used in her header image clearly backs that up. Her personal branding is also brought into the mix through her logo which is displayed as an avatar.

Mark Johnston

This graphic designer’s profile captures the essence of his unique desert-inspired style and brand. Mark Johnston’s avatar, header image, and intro text all tie into each other in a cohesive way that reflects his work. We love the distinct color scheme used throughout these elements!

Henrique Athiad

Henrique Athiad’s profile screams silly and fun—a true reflection of his body of work. He uses an illustrative avatar and intro-text that clearly indicates what his aesthetic is all about, so when you land on his profile, it’s immediately made clear. As for his header image, it only reinforces his personal brand even further. Check it out:

We hope these designer profiles inspired you to have some fun customizing your own presence on Dribbble! At the end of the day, your avatar, intro-text, and header image should all work together to reflect who you are as a designer. Ultimately, we encourage you to make design decisions that feel authentic to you and your personal brand. So have fun and let your personality shine! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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