20 NFL Logos Reimagined by Another Graphic Designer

The biggest game of the year is upon us! In honor of Super Bowl Sunday 2022, we’re sharing a handful of logo designs celebrating graphic designers’ favorite NFL teams. Check out a collection of just-for-fun logo redesigns and rebrands of NFL team logos below—because even if you’re not tuning in to watch the game, you can still appreciate great design when you see it. 😉

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LA Rams angeles branding design la logo los rams
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LA Rams

by Fraser Davidson

A quick idea for the Rams horns with sharper features that I feel work better with the extant LA lockup. I have included an alternate sketch with longer horns and a progression video from the original. I love the Rams overall scheme, so was pretty disap...

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Cincinnati Bengals Concept Logo bengals black cincinnati cincinnati bengals design football football logo graphic graphic design graphic art graphic artist graphic artists logo logo concept logo concepts logo design logos nfl orange white

Cincinnati Bengals Concept Logo

by Josh Warmouth

I have been hoping to spend some time on a new Bengals logo, and I finally got around to it. I tried to bring a modern look to a franchise that is in desperate need of a fresh start. It's been a rough season but it won't phase me. WHO DEY!

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Jacksonville Jaguars football jacksonville jaguars logo nfl sports sports branding
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Jacksonville Jaguars

by Zilligen Design Studio

I fell into a rabbit hole last week and decided to take a crack at redesigning the visual identity for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Taking another look at the two primary logos and my initial concept., I wanted to start anew and skip the band-aid approach...

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rebrand athletic buccaneer custom dagger design hat illustration mascot pirate sports sword tampa

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rebrand

by Torch Creative

Our reimagined Tampa Bay Buccaneers rebrand. A mix of old & new iconography...

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LA Chargers Concept Logo branding chargers design football identity illustrator lac logo los angeles sports vector
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LA Chargers Concept Logo

by Sean McCarthy

This is a conceptual update of this seldom used Chargers logo from the 90's.

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Green Bay Packers football green green bay greenbay nfl packers sports wisconsin

Green Bay Packers

by mqs

Here is a try to rework the traditional Green Bay Packers logo. I reworked the orginal G so that it looks more like a football.

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49ers Concepts 49ers francisco nfl san sf

49ers Concepts

by Fraser Davidson

Not sure why I was compelled to mess around with some 49ers ideas this avo. Anyway, here are a sample of dystopian futures in the football world...

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Dallas Cowboys Redesign cowboys dallas football logo nfl redesign sport sports texas

Dallas Cowboys Redesign

by Philipp Brunsteiner

A redesign for the logo of the Dallas Cowboys. You can find a more detailed page over at Behance.

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Vikings minnesota nfl vikings


by Fraser Davidson

Logo idea. Always needs a secret ‘MV’.

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LAS VEGAS RAIDERS - Logo Concept branding football las vegas logo nfl oakland raiders


by Matthew Harvey

LAS VEGAS RAIDERS - Logo Concept Today, we officially welcome the Las Vegas Raiders to the NFL. To celebrate, I'd like to show you a logo concept that i've been working on for sometime for the Las Vegas Raiders. Same traditional logo. Same toughness N...

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Seattle Seahawks football icon logo mascot nfl seahawks sports logo

Seattle Seahawks

by Khisnen Pauvaday

A little adjustment on the Seattle Seahawks front head logo. The current logo looks weird to me - A 2nd versions

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Denver Broncos broncos horse logo modern nfl

Denver Broncos

by Kieran Wayne

Denver BRONCOS minimalist logo revamp. Just for fun.

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Baltimore Ravens baltimore football league logo national nfl ravens sports

Baltimore Ravens

by Fraser Davidson

An idea I had. Bit over complex, but just a thought,

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New York Giants Redesign football giants logo logo design new new york nfl ny nyc sport sports york

New York Giants Redesign

by Philipp Brunsteiner

A redesign for the logo of the New York Giants. You can find a more detailed page over at Behance. And last but not least, a big thank you to Justin Kwak for the invitation. You can che...

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