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Announcing Multi‑Shot: Coming to Pros & Teams soon!

Today we’re excited to announce a huge improvement to Shots: we’re calling it Multi-Shot. Starting soon, Pro Players and Teams will be able to easily add multiple images or videos to a single Shot. Multi-Shot allows you to tell the story of what you’re working on from start to finish. Show your process, iterations, and decision-making process, all right from the Shot page.

Here’s a preview of how it works:


Why Multi-Shot?

We recently asked thousands of Dribbble users which changes they’d like to see on the platform. One response came up again and again from both designers and hiring managers: they want to see more than one single, finished image. When people look at a Shot today, they often wonder, how did this idea evolve over time? What was the process? How did the designer land on this finished work?

We want Dribbble to continue to be a place where designers can show off work of all kinds, from rough sketches to finished pieces, and everything in between. Multi-Shot is an important step in that process, and we’ve got lots more in store.


How is this different from attachments?

Multi-Shot is an evolution of our attachments feature. Think of it as attachments 2.0! With attachments, you could add more images to your Shot, but they were displayed on a different page entirely. This meant that, while plenty of Players were adding attachments to their Shots, the attachments were rarely viewed by users looking at the Shot itself.

With Multi-Shot, you’ll get more engagement and views on your additional Shot images and videos.

With Multi-Shot, you’ll get more engagement and views on your additional Shot images and videos. And don’t worry, while Multi-Shot images are displayed in a 4x3 ratio, you can still click through to see the larger, un-cropped versions in all their original glory.

Add Downloads to your Shots

Now that image attachments are becoming Multi-Shot images, what happens to all the other attachments like PSDs or brush files? These will be moved to a new area we’re calling “Downloads.” Pros can attach up to five downloadable source files to every Shot. It’s totally up to you what to include. We’re excited to see which types of resources Players will share with the community.

Multi-Shot is launching soon!

We’ve got a few users doing some early testing for Multi-Shot right now and once we’re convinced that everything is buttery smooth, we’ll launch this feature to all Dribbble Pro and Team users. We can’t wait to see what you share next!

In the meantime, check out some Multi-Shots in action and hear what some our user testers have to say about it:

“Whooa!! My first Multi-Shot @dribbble post! Check this out! Amazing function! I love it.”

Seres EV product design case study

Seres EV product design case study

by Gleb Kuznetsov✈

Hey Guys! I am tested fantastic updates on dribbble platform with Multiple shots uploading function, and I love it — the first BIG size gifs I ever made. Check out the quality — zoom in !!!) And, I want to share a recent case study was published toda...

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“In case you missed it last night, check out this new feature @dribbble is letting me test. Meet Multi-Shot 👋. I think it’s a much better way to showcase a flow of work and not rely on attachments that always seemed to get overlooked.”

InVision Labs Branding – Feature Test 😎

InVision Labs Branding – Feature Test 😎

by Bill S Kenney

Multi-shot mic check. Tap. Tap. Let's see if I can break the internet with this new feature test. I'm already excited about this rollout from the Dribbble team. It will be super helpful in regards to visual storytelling, and that's obviously a big pa...

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