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Hey Dribbblers! We’ve been cranking away and shipping new features, updates, and goodies for you to bring your design life to new heights. Community is the heart of Dribbble and thus we’re laser-focused on making your little heart sing with the best experience, now and in the future.

So, if you’re anything like us and have been head down, working away, feast your eyes on this smooth lineup of fresh features you can now find on Dribbble.

More messages = more opportunities

The best way to connect is to communicate. This pearl of wisdom will 1) save you one visit to your therapist and 2) give you the why behind our recent messaging changes.

To ensure the opportunities keep flowing to your inbox, we recently increased our messaging limits. Now everyone using Dribbble gets at least 10 messages every month, instead of 3 messages in their lifetime. Pros, Teams, and Search Subscribers get unlimited messages. As a result, we’ve already seen a big increase in messages being sent across the board, with a whopping 77% boost in messages being sent from folks coming to our platform to hire designers.

This message lift gives Dribbblers more opportunities to collaborate, respond to projects, and ensures Dribbble is the go-to community where designers can share, grow, and get hired.

Pro updates

Last year we surveyed our Pro community and learned that they’re looking for increased exposure in the hiring community and at the same time, better-matched job and project opportunities that mirror their specific design skill set and parameters. As a result, we’ve launched two big improvements.

Project customizations

Pros can now customize the type of offers they’re looking to receive, from budget minimums to specific types of projects they’d like to be contacted about


Designer match

If your profile is a good match for someone looking to hire on Dribbble, our recommendation engine will automatically suggest you as a prime candidate.


These are just some of the many improvements we’ve recently made to Pro, and we’ve got a lot more we’re working on for you. As Pro stands today, for the price of a single iced latte each month, you get an enhanced profile, increased exposure, more shot features and options, a custom portfolio on your own domain, unlimited messages, and tons of other goodies.

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve added the ability to pay for Pro monthly ($9/month – cancel anytime). This way you can explore the full suite of tools without committing to a full year upfront to make sure it’s the right fit for you. And if you love Pro like we think you will, you can sign up annually and save some cash (an effective $5/monoth). Important to note: If you’re already a subscriber, this price change doesn’t affect you one bit. You keep your current Pro price.

Dribbble Talent


Great designers deserve great jobs. Did you know that more than 40,000 industry-leading companies are already using Dribbble to source designers to join their teams? We’re talking companies from the likes of Apple, Airbnb, IDEO, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Shopify, Lyft, and many more.

It’s no surprise that now more than ever, companies of all industries and sizes are investing in building strong design teams. That means they’re looking for you. Because of this, we’ve spent extra attention building Dribbble Talent.

Dribbble Talent is our internal talent agency that is dedicated to matching design talent to top companies. It’s a full-service team of Dribbble talent agents who know the design community and are committed to matching you with your next great career adventure.

Right now we’re focusing Dribbble Talent for remote roles and those in San Francisco, New York, and London–so if you’re a product designer looking for a new role in one of these cities make sure you apply today. Stay tuned for more coming oh-so-soon.

Design education

Learning design is not solely relegated to university classrooms. According to a 2018 Design in Tech report - 86% of current design students say they learn digital skills from resources outside their coursework.

Education and new skill development is an oft-mentioned request from our community. Naturally, we were thrilled to partner with the fine folks at Treehouse to offer the UX Techdegree, a web-based learning program where you can learn how to critique designs, complete user research, wireframe, prototype, and design for web and mobile applications.

And this is just the start, there’s so much more learning to do!

We’ve got a ton of new plans in store for this year and beyond. As always, we’re listening to your ideas, feedback, and questions. If there’s something you think is missing or needs work, let us know.

We’re a small team of hard-working folks who are extremely dedicated to providing as much value to the design community as possible. We can’t do that without your ideas and feedback, so keep it coming!

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