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12 Women lettering artists to follow on Dribbble

Not to be confused with calligraphy or typography, lettering is known as the process of drawing your letters as opposed to writing them or editing existing fonts. It’s an art form that has become increasingly popular in the digital space, and it’s easy to see why. Through lettering, we can use both words and illustration to deliver a clear message—and when done successfully, make a powerful human connection with our audience.

It’s truly amazing how much you can get a sense of a person through the combination of words and images they put together. These twelve lettering artists have been making a big impression on Dribbble and we’re stoked to highlight their unique styles. Like what you see? Show them some support by giving them a follow!

Lori Johnston

Lori Johnston’s lettering work is hilariously relatable—have you seen her Shower Thoughts shot? A lot of the lettering work Lori shares reads like a stream of consciousness or a visual journal almost. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Misophonia neurology awareness bad sounds noise pen clicking finger tapping chewing table flip anxiety illustration lettering misophonia
  2. Shower Thoughts vampire soap bar minty mouth super rad lettering subreddit reddit shower thoughts
  3. Auditory-Tactile Synesthesia hand lettering infographic illustration senses touch feeling sound music synesthesia


We love freelance designer Esther’s quirky lettering work. She says most of her colored pieces are a mix between handmade and digital drawings. The Amsterdam based designer also takes her lettering game to the next level by hand-painting them on murals!

  1. Sketchbook ABC marker posca sketchbook alphabet typography amsterdam lettering handlettering drawing illustration
  2. Happy Holidays stamp handmade type handmade doodle blockprint design amsterdam drawing lettering handlettering illustration
  3. Mural sketch type handlettering hand lettering wip wallpainting mural procreate doodle sketch drawing illustration

Olga Zakharova

Who doesn’t love a good inspirational message? Olga Zakharova’s lettering work is full of them—and occasionally will include some fun phrases about things like bacon and beer. Olga’s lettering is usually accompanied by colorful, hand-drawn style illustrations. Check out all of her awesome work:

  1. Be a Voice texture ipadpro cartoon design drawing quote handdrawn abstract concept poster typography hand drawn lettering illustration girl power voice strong woman feminism
  2. Winners vs Losers quote amazing poster winner sport concept cartoon drawing vector typography hand drawn lettering illustration
  3. Keto diet bacon food poster restaurant keto handdrawn quote drawing vector typography hand drawn lettering illustration

Jess Smith

Jess Smith created a hilarious all-purpose greeting card and we’ve been hooked on her work ever since. This Bay area designer has a knack for letters and we love the edgy twist she subtly throws into her designs.

  1. All Purpose Greetings Postcard congrats birthday greetings card holiday thank you screenprinting font cursive script typography hand lettering
  2. Thank You living coral lithography grunge typography old english 3d font script font hand lettering texture blackletter thank you
  3. See ya! 3d text trees clouds japanese texture hand lettering cherry blossoms japan

Flora de Carvalho

Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, Flora de Carvalho is one-half of the design studio duo Estudio Passeio. Flora’s lettering seems to be heavily inspired by music. She’s been posting a ton of shots inspired by lyrics of her favorite songs!

  1. Magic Tools shine logo 1970s lettering groovy type illustration
  2. Girlfriend Is Better Dribbble calligraphy vector 1980s logo funky groovy type lettering
  3. High Five sigrid design illustration vector calligraphy brush music groovy type lettering

Lucy Llewellyn

What’s not to love about Lucy Llewellyn’s lettering? The UK-based designer constantly spreads good vibes and positive messages through her colorful and playful lettering.

  1. You Are An Absolute Mega Babe women in illustration mental health babe megababe body positive illustration hand lettering custom type hand drawn type
  2. It S Ok To Not Do Everything mental health mental health awareness women in illustration hand its ok ok goodtype illustration hand lettering custom type hand drawn type
  3. Kindness Matters love heart women in illustration be kind kindness matters goodtype illustration hand lettering custom type hand drawn type

Jessica Molina

Jessica Molina is a Dallas-based designer making art for the feminine and feisty single women out there. We love her style which mixes in sweet, sarcastic, and humorous messages.

  1. I've Had Better green postcard print illustration floral flower typography type lettering handlettering
  2. Losing My Makeup Bag eyeshadow advertisement nail polish lipstick beauty pink script illustration type typography handlettering lettering
  3. Boy Bye postcard print lemon flowers floral illustration 3d typography type handlettering lettering

Brooke Holland

Brooke Holland letters it all—from favorite TV shows, places, song lyrics, and more, the Los Angeles based designer gives us a true look into her world and we’re all about it!

  1. Parks and Rec calligraphy swirl sketch swashes script handlettering flourishes illustration lettering ligatures netflix parks and rec
  2. God is a Woman sparkle design swashes illustration handmade type calligraphy hand lettering flourishes ligatures womens march women ariana grande handlettering script swash swirl lettering
  3. Malibu beach la california travel swashes calligraphy handmade type type hand lettering typography swirl swash script lettering ligatures malibu handlettering flourishes design

Carmi Grau

Carmi Grau’s is fairly new to Dribbble but we’ve had our eye on her work ever since. Her illustrative bold lettering is often inspired by nature and we love how she uses symmetry in her illustrations to make words pop.

  1. Wow illustration floral illo typography typo font handlettering lettering
  2. A font blue red and blue red illo illustration typo script handlettering lettering
  3. Love Like You've Never Been Ghosted carmigrau drawing blue typography script handlettering lettering illo illustration

Jin Kim

Jin Kim is a crazy talented lettering artist and designer living in Nashville, Tennessee. Her lettering work varies in style which makes for a nice diverse portfolio. Check out the free mobile and desktop wallpapers
 she offers on her site!

  1. Yup illustration typography hand lettering lettering
  2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! clouds stars pastel typography typography custom typography hand lettering lettering navy rainbow art script illustration
  3. Visionary type treatment color palette colorful type typography blackletter black letter

Danielle Grinberg

Danielle Grinberg is a designer at Vinepair, a platform delivering exclusive content on drinks. Needless to say, Danielle shares tons of fun lettering work centered around booze! We love the playfulness of her style and can’t wait to see what else she’s working on.

  1. Divine Inebriation horoscope astrology astrological star moon martini wine booze illustration hand lettering divine
  2. How I feel when I'm tipsy on mezcal... booze liquor drink bright color apple pencil ipad pro ipad procreate hand lettering mezcal
  3. VinePair Rebrand cocktail martini spirits liquor booze wine beer line work illustration icons rebrand vinepair

Belinda Kou

One look at Belinda Kou’s portfolio and we were hooked. Who doesn’t love naps, pizza, ramen, and everything else she letters about? The Chicago-based designer’s lettering style is ultra-dimensional and definitely worth checking out.

  1. Monday Mood typography lettering hand lettering monday mood monday
  2. Naps typography hand lettering lettering pigs pig naps napping nap
  3. Pizza love hand lettering lettering love pizza

Want to follow more great lettering artists on Dribbble? We’ve got you covered—check out our lettering tag.

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