What hiring managers look for in a design portfolio

Learn how to tailor your portfolio to the needs of hiring managers, prove your skills, and land your dream job.

As a designer, your portfolio is your most powerful tool when it comes to landing your dream job. A strong design portfolio showcases your skills and experience, while giving hiring managers a glimpse of your creative process. However, it takes more than just showcasing your work to impress a hiring manager. Conviction is the key to making your portfolio stand out.

In this post, Product Designer & Career Coach Helen Tran explains what hiring managers look for in a design portfolio, why conviction is important, and how to show conviction in your work.

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Helen Tran: What are hiring managers looking for in your portfolio? Conviction. They’re always looking for conviction. A surefire way to give a hiring manager high conviction is to figure out what roles they’re looking for, figure out what type of work those roles do, make sure your portfolio presents that type of work, and then prove it.

What is conviction?

Conviction is the belief in your own abilities, ideas, and creative vision. It’s the confidence to take ownership of your work and stand behind your decisions. Conviction is important because it sets you apart from other designers who may have similar skills and experience, but lack the confidence to showcase their work with conviction.

How to show conviction in your portfolio

To show conviction in your portfolio, you need to be intentional about the work you showcase and how you present it. Here are a few tips to help you demonstrate conviction in your portfolio:

  1. Be selective: Only include your best work in your portfolio. Choose projects that showcase your skills and align with the type of work you want to do in your next role.
  2. Tell a story: Use case studies to showcase your process and the impact of your work. Tell a compelling story about how you solved a problem and the results you achieved.
  3. Show your personality: Use your portfolio to showcase your unique style and personality. Don’t be afraid to let your work speak for itself and let your personality shine through.

Land your dream design job

Conviction is the key to making your design portfolio stand out. By being intentional about the work you showcase and how you present it, you can demonstrate your confidence, skills, and creativity to hiring managers. So go ahead, showcase your work with conviction, and land your dream job.