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Introducing the new and improved Dribbble Shop: New interface and merch!

We have a fresh new redesign for you! Our dear Rogie King revamped our Dribbble equipment shop, and we’ve stocked it with amazing new merch from some serious design all-stars! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

Over the years, our Dribbble shop has seen a little refreshment here, a little there, like Sarah Kuehnle’s Nice Colors tee last fall, and the release of women and youth fits for our standard tees. Then one day it occurred to us: wait, we have a huge community of insanely talented designers right in front of us…why don’t we hire some of them to make stuff for our shop?


We’ve got fresh apparel from the likes of Kendrick Kidd, Amy and Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah, and our own Renee Fleck; we also have crucial accessories from Peter Laxalt of Laxalt & McIver, Damian Orellana, Ryan Putnam, Anna Martinez, Super Team Deluxe, and Joanna Behar.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about freshening up your office walls with goods from Alice Lee, Alana Louise, Kyle Letendre, Emir Ayouni of Forefathers, and Mercedes Bazan— plus some bookshelf must-haves from Laura Bohill and Meg Lewis of Ghostly Ferns, and Kelli Anderson.

Of course, we still have all our standard, staple designer gear from Sarah Kuehnle and Dan Cederholm!

Check out our new Artist page, where we put the community front-and-center.


We want to get this stuff on your backs and in your hands, so we’re offering a discount just for the month of March! Enter the code FRESHGEAR until 11:59PM Eastern time for 10% off an order of $50 or more.*

We’d like to say thank you to everyone who worked with us on this, including the aforementioned designers as well as Threadbird, who handles all our printing and fulfillment needs.

*Limited one-use per customer and cannot be combined with other offers.

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