9 Women illustrators to follow on Dribbble

When thinking of illustration as an art form, there’s a good chance everyone has a different visual in their head. That’s likely because nowadays, illustration takes so many different forms and ranges in all kinds of styles. Use of mediums can range from digital, to painting, to sketching and styles can vary anywhere from geometric, to hand-drawn, or even a mix of multiple.

Today we’ve got a handful of talented women illustrators to show off, dabbling in all kinds of different illustration styles. These illustrators particularly caught our eye because of their unique approaches to their craft and of course, their thoughtful choices in subjects.

Jenny Lelong

Fairly new to Dribbble, Jenny Lelong is already making a big impression with her detailed illustrations of Japanese shop facades. Jenny currently works as an independent graphic designer and illustrator in Lyon, France.

  1. Ramen Shop facade ramen cute bike soup japanese food character characters cat illustration building cat japan
  2. Japanese Train Station cans okonomiyaki taiyaki takoyaki food drink plants vending machines station train station train cat japan
  3. Japanese Neighborhood characters bike vending machine japanese house house japanese facade japan

Jennifer Ely

Jennifer Ely is a woman of many talents—as a freelance illustrator and production designer, she’s worked on various commercial, film, and television animation projects. Keep up with the Portland-based artist on Dribbble to see what she’s got cooking up next.

  1. Pottery Studio kids book illustration color characters panting kids art pottery kids egypt
  2. Rose Garden art illustration color rose garden environment design animation art production design house special travel portland

Ayelet Raziel

Bold line work and vibrant colors make Ayelet Raziel’s work hard to miss. The Tel Aviv-based illustrator loves exploring different shapes and styles and often depicts the human figure. You can find most of her work available for sale online.

  1. Lovers man woman bright abstract divine sweet kiss love illustraion art
  2. New Moon art night moon light sensual indoors neon body female bright illustration
  3. The Prophecy divine abstract spiritual prophecy love heart woman art illustration

Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor

Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor’s illustrations are out of this world—literally. According to the Columbian artist’s website, she’s inspired by melding different worlds where the human figure, galaxies, and nature all become one. See for yourself:

  1. LoveHater children illustration album poster art poster design editorial art social app instagram social media freelance illustrator magazine illustration book illustration book cover album art editorial illustration book art illustrator illustration digital illustration digital art art
  2. Summer sushi summer life book illustration book cover album art editorial illustration book art illustrator illustration digital illustration digital art art
  3. Shadow Talks space art music poster japan art poster album poster children illustration design magazine illustration freelance illustrator editorial art book illustration book cover album art editorial illustration book art illustrator illustration digital illustration digital art art


Montsouris is an illustrator and animator living in Paris, France. We love her simple and bold line work mixed with an ultra colorful color palette—and of course, we can’t forget the subtle animations thrown in there!

  1. Gentilles Bêtises 🙃 kid dungaree character living room homedecor plant shapes
  2. 11. bateau sur l eau
    Shot Link
  3. Garage
    Shot Link

Michelle K. Albert

What’s not to love about Michelle Albert’s quirky and whimsical illustrations? This Chicago based designer keeps us on our toes with all of the different styles she plays around with.

  1. Send More Noods painting design noodles ramen vintage illustration
  2. Clever Girl vintage lettering dinosaur dino jurassic world jurassic park raptor clever girl girl clever
  3. Plant Lady plants fern cactus plant lady lady illustration plant

Katja Cho

Illustrator Katja Cho’s work is fascinating, to say the least. We love her mixing of textures, patterns, and colors, and how she often uses women as the focal point in her shots. Katja’s colorful illustrations seem to be inspired by movies, video games, and general media from what we’ve picked up on her site.

  1. Mona dribbble
    Shot Link
  2. Sphere face animate dribbble
    Shot Link
  3. Practical Magic plants girl scene character colors design illustration

Lauren Bergman

Lauren Bergman’s work is the epitome of cohesiveness. Her pastel palettes and hand-drawn style illustrations are all so detailed and mesmerizing. You might also notice she tends to illustrate subjects of sights around the home. Anyone recognize some of the scenes below? We do.

  1. Saturday Morning blue purple saturday weekend cereal breakfast illustration
  2. Still Life still life pink dinner illustration
  3. Laundry Day plants laundry purple illustration

Kaela Graham

Take a look through Seattle-based illustrator Kaela Graham’s work and you might think her playful style would fit perfectly in a children’s book. Even if we’re not kids anymore, her stuff still makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

  1. just the hotdog, thanks! illustration alien hotdog
  2. toodles kidlit illustration chicken dog bicycle
  3. Stu's Floral at the Farmer's Market farmers market florist squirrel illustration

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