1. Staying In: Part 8 cat illustration netflix pink plants purple snacks stay home wine
    View Staying In: Part 8
    Staying In: Part 8
  2. Staying In: Part 7 baking bread cat illustration pink purple stay home
    View Staying In: Part 7
    Staying In: Part 7
  3. Staying In: Part 6 breakfast cereal diy haircut illustration pink stay home
    View Staying In: Part 6
    Staying In: Part 6
  4. Staying In: Part 5 coffee illustration pink plants stay home
    View Staying In: Part 5
    Staying In: Part 5
  5. Staying In: Part 4
    View Staying In: Part 4
    Staying In: Part 4
  6. Staying In: Part 3 bathroom illustration pink self care stay home wine
    View Staying In: Part 3
    Staying In: Part 3
  7. Staying In: Part 2 cat illustration plants stay home yoga
    View Staying In: Part 2
    Staying In: Part 2
  8. Staying In cooking cooking lessons illustration pink purple stay home
    View Staying In
    Staying In
  9. Ice Cream Valentine ice cream illustration pink valentine winter
    View Ice Cream Valentine
    Ice Cream Valentine
  10. Make-Your-Own-Vacation ™️ ☀️ blue illustration plants purple staycation vacation winter
    View Make-Your-Own-Vacation ™️ ☀️
    Make-Your-Own-Vacation ™️ ☀️
  11. If You Need Me, Don’t blue coffee illustration monday purple
    View If You Need Me, Don’t
    If You Need Me, Don’t
  12. Gloomy gloomy green illustration plants purple winter
    View Gloomy
  13. Merry Christmas blue cat christmas festive holidays illustration
    View Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas
  14. Festive car christmas festive holidays illustration pink
    View Festive
  15. ‘Tis the Season christmas cookies holidays illustration purple
    View ‘Tis the Season
    ‘Tis the Season
  16. Very Merry garland green holidays illustration merry pink
    View Very Merry
    Very Merry
  17. Always Cold blue cold december ghost illustration winter
    View Always Cold
    Always Cold
  18. Self Portrait: 2019 cookies green illustration pink self portrait
    View Self Portrait: 2019
    Self Portrait: 2019
  19. Night In blue illustration introvert plants purple
    View Night In
    Night In
  20. Chill Out blue chill chill out illustration
    View Chill Out
    Chill Out
  21. Dinner: A Still Life cool dinner illustration pink plants purple weekend
    View Dinner: A Still Life
    Dinner: A Still Life
  22. Ugh breakfast green illustration pink ugh
    View Ugh
  23. It’s Still Fall autumn fall illustration leaves purple
    View It’s Still Fall
    It’s Still Fall
  24. Sweater Weather autumn blue fall illustration sweaters
    View Sweater Weather
    Sweater Weather
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