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Cartoonists of Color and Queer Cartoonists

Add us to the long list of people deeply saddened by the passing of comic book legend Stand Lee—rest in peace a couple of weeks ago. We wanted to look closer at the comic book artists on Dribbble, and were greatly inspired by the #VisibleWomen hashtag on Twitter, which prompted us to go digging into the wonderful world of women comic book artists in our own community.

This week, we were lucky enough to discover the amazing work of Mari Naomi, who is both a brilliant cartoonist and creator of both the Cartoonists of Color and Queer Cartoonists databases. These resources are a powerful effort to shine the light on typically marginalized groups in the comic book industry, giving publishers, editors, event organizers, readers, and more the opportunity to broaden the list of creators they work with, promote, and enjoy.


The directories, mostly crowdsourced, can be filtered by categories such as location, gender and sex identities, ethnicity and nationality, genre, and role of the creative within the industry.

Want to know more? Read Mari’s interview with Vice all about starting and maintaining the sites. Want to support these projects? Submit artists to be included, and donate to Mari’s Patreon.

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