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Making women in the field of comic book illustration more visible

With the very sad passing of comic-book legend Stan Lee, we’ve had comics on the mind. But who is behind the majority of comics, and specifically, comic-book illustration? #VisibleWomen, is a massive, awe-inspiring hashtag meant to amplify the existence of the plentiful, talented women in comic book illustration—typically a male-dominated field.

Female comic book artists are all over Dribbble, too! To celebrate them (and maybe get them hired?), take a look at some shots by women who have marked comic book art as a skill on their profiles:

  1. self portrait
  2. Beyond, Page 3
  3. Veiled Mushroom
  4. Unicorn Pegasus
  5. Tumblr Velociraptor
  6. fox unibrow
  7. Bedtime Story
  8. Window Song
  9. Meadowsweet

Row 1: Karina, Madeleine Hettich, Liz Nugent. Row 2: Miss Chat*Z, Nadzeya Makeyeva, Kaela Graham. Row 3: Martina Naldi, cat royal, Hannah Hillam.

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