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Hang Time LA: Speaker Spotlight on Meg Lewis

Last year, Meg Lewis was our guest on the Overtime podcast to talk about why you should be yourself when working with clients, personal branding, and much more. Now we’re thrilled to have her join us on the main stage at Hang Time Los Angeles on December 4th! You won’t want to miss it—purchase your ticket now.


In the meantime, learn more about Meg and why she’s excited for Hang Time LA:

Tell us about your design background.

I’ve always been a freelancer and I’ve played around with different specialties throughout my career. I used to call myself a web designer, then I moved on to product and UI design. A few years later I landed on brand design and strategy. Today, I call myself a “designer” because heck I can design anything and I really enjoy that. I like having a variety of projects and no longer having a skill-based specialty allows me to mix it up from project to project. One project will be designing a custom mural for a space, another will be an app design, or designing the experience for an event.

What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m devoting a lot of time to Full Time You. Earlier this year I launched a book through that brand and I’m traveling around giving workshops for individuals and teams under the Full Time You umbrella. I also own a shared workspace and have a podcast under a brand called Fool Proof. As far as client work goes, I’m working on a couple of NDA client projects so I can’t share too much about those, but let me just say they’re really good and you should look out for some exciting launches in the next couple of months!

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Tell us what you’ll be speaking about at Hang Time LA.

I’ll be sharing my story as a human who grew up feeling, looking, and acting differently from everyone else. I’ll talk about how I learned to love my unique “weird” personality and how I’ve actually made a career out of being myself! The talk is incredibly non-traditional and pretty silly, but I plan to give practical tips and useful advice for anyone interested in letting their own judgments go and giving into being themselves for a living.

During Hang Time Los Angeles, we’ll be exploring the willingness to Try New Things. How do you incorporate trying new things into your workflow?

Oy! This is hard! I, myself, lean heavily on what works well. This means a lot of repetition with similar styles, fonts, colors, etc. I’ve come to love that these markers are what makes me recognizable as an artist. I also get lazy and am guilty of not learning new things. The production and creation of Full Time You was a wonderful opportunity to force me to learn and try new things. The entire process of writing and publishing a book was solely done by myself and it was important for me to do so. For the first time in my life, I did something without collaborating with others and it was hard. Typically, I love to hire my friends to work with me on projects. With Full Time You, I wrote, illustrated, edited, typeset, and developed an entire book and website and gosh, it was hard! But it felt amazingly rewarding to push myself and learn new things.

See all the Hang Time Los Angeles speakers and purchase your ticket. Want to hear more from Meg right now? Follow her on Dribbble, Twitter or at darngood.co.

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