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Hang Time LA: Speaker Spotlight on Susan Kare

We are beyond excited to have the legendary graphics and icon designer Susan Kare joining us on the main stage at Hang Time Los Angeles this December 4th! If you’re not familiar with Susan already, you’ve most likely seen her work as someone who owns a computer.

Since the 1980s, when she designed the fonts and icons for the original Macintosh computer, the San Francisco-based designer has developed thousands of icons for hundreds of clients, along with other digital graphics and corporate identities. Her work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and she is a 2018 recipient of the AIGA Medal for “exceptional contributions to the field of design and visual communication”. She received a Ph.D. in art from New York University.

We’re thrilled that she’ll be sharing some of the knowledge she’s gathered throughout her career with us at Hang Time LA. You won’t want to miss it—purchase your ticket now.


In her own words, Susan tells us why she’s excited about Hang Time LA:

What are you working on right now?

I work full-time as a Creative Director at Pinterest on a variety of great projects. For example, I designed the identity for our open-to-the-public coffee shop, The Point, and I’m also looking at our corporate identity as well as developing some environmental art. I also create home goods for Areaware and just finished some new textiles and icon pillows, and have a fine art print business, Kareprints.

Tell us what you’ll be speaking about at Hang Time LA.

I’ll be focusing on how my career evolved because “Try New Things” has definitely been a recurring theme.

During Hang Time Los Angeles, we’ll be exploring the willingness to Try New Things. How do you incorporate trying new things into your workflow?

That expression is one of the tenets of Pinterest, which is all about inspiration. I love to be open to finding good ideas online but get off the phone to try them.

What are you most excited about for Hang Time LA?

Listening to the other speakers!

See all the Hang Time Los Angeles speakers and purchase your ticket. Want to hear more from Susan right now? Follow her on Twitter or at Kare.com.

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