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Meaningful typography, tennis‑focused illustration, and more in our top shots from last week

Last week was yet another glorious one in the realm of productivity and stunning talent in the Dribbble community. We picked several shots from the week that we particularly loved and want to share with you.

From our very own Renee Fleck’s new work for an emerging reflective blog, to Stella Caraman’s portrait of tennis star Simona Halep, to Logan Faerber’s work for a children’s horror book for Clade Design, we seemed to be into comic-style illustrations, all-things-tennis, and lettering with a message. Take a look!

  1. Greetings from your Imposter Syndrome!
  2. Woke + Wavey blog design
  3. Rest as Rhythm
  4. Texting & Tennising
  5. Serena
  6. Simona Halep
  7. the pilgrims
  8. Bathroom selfie
  9. The Slop Comic

Row 1: Lisa Engler, Renee Fleck, Daniel Patrick Simmons. Row 2: Dale Crosby-Close, Brit Sigh, Stella Caraman. Row 3: brandon alvarado, Tamy Hadeed, Logan Faerber for Clade Design.

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