1. 36 Days of Type - D. 36 days d abandoned cityscape city character 36 days of type fun colour illustration post apocalyptic
    View 36 Days of Type - D.
    36 Days of Type - D.
  2. Summer Window sun foliage plants luxury people looking through window window summer illustration
    View Summer Window
    Summer Window
  3. Summer Lovin' ice cream vacation seaside isometric summer holiday holiday summer beach illustration
    View Summer Lovin'
    Summer Lovin'
  4. Libraries after lockdown - For NYT mini small world miniature people books future of libraries libraries new york times nyt isometric editorial illustration illustration
    View Libraries after lockdown - For NYT
    Libraries after lockdown - For NYT
  5. Parenting during lockdown - For NYT night blue sadness anxiety stress sleepless nights isolation parenting nyt editorial new york times illustration
    View Parenting during lockdown - For NYT
    Parenting during lockdown - For NYT
  6. Building a Robot building flat pack ikea robotics robot colour isometric illustration
    View Building a Robot
    Building a Robot
  7. Desk Fan fun tiny people miniature people cooling weather hot heat wave summer fresh air desk fan gif animation
    View Desk Fan
    Desk Fan
  8. Bounce playing solitary fun playful target basketball bouncing ball bounce gif animation illustration
    View Bounce
  9. A Brighter Future future bright happy optimistic brighter future rainbow illustration
    View A Brighter Future
    A Brighter Future
  10. Worm in Space illustration art art fun humour character exploration space illustration
    View Worm in Space
    Worm in Space
  11. Wizard Callum harry potter dumbledore old man humour fun fantasy illustration spells pink blue magic wizard illustration
    View Wizard Callum
    Wizard Callum
  12. Space Blast 2000 art dale crosby close fun washing machine texture illustration
    View Space Blast 2000
    Space Blast 2000
  13. Balloon Boy dale crosby close clouds birds drawing green sky sky balloon boy balloon illustration
    View Balloon Boy
    Balloon Boy
  14. Land of the Bean Men fun personal illustration illustration character bean bird piggyback travel bean men
    View Land of the Bean Men
    Land of the Bean Men
  15. It's a Lovely Life personal illustration dragon quest blue characters hug blob queen lovely
    View It's a Lovely Life
    It's a Lovely Life
  16. Big Iron surreal gardening suburbs housework iron illustration big iron
    View Big Iron
    Big Iron
  17. Sad Lad dark sombre blue gallery vase depressed personal illustration sad lad
    View Sad Lad
    Sad Lad
  18. Building a Robot V1 illustration orange teal friend lonely cardboard box imagination children science robot
    View Building a Robot V1
    Building a Robot V1
  19. Bursting at the Seems - NYT max capacity editorial nyt new york times sports illustration sports mlb baseball
    View Bursting at the Seems - NYT
    Bursting at the Seems - NYT
  20. Pentagram x Lloyds of London blue isometric museum isometric illustration climate change natural disasters gallery museum weather hard and soft insurance
    View Pentagram x Lloyds of London
    Pentagram x Lloyds of London
  21. Pentagram x Lloyds of London holidays isometric houses isometric suburbs suburbs insurance renting airbnb lloyds of london pentagram
    View Pentagram x Lloyds of London
    Pentagram x Lloyds of London
  22. Gambling from Home - NYT illustration loot boxes lootboxes people on sofa sofa pandemic lockdown money bet from home casino esports betting
    View Gambling from Home - NYT
    Gambling from Home - NYT
  23. Green City Empty World metro 2033 mutated green isometric illustration collaboration organic reclaiming nature post apocalyptic dystopia empty city lockdown nature reclaiming city green living isometric city
    View Green City Empty World
    Green City Empty World
  24. Control - Giffgaff colour humour blue fun character phone contract balance control yrs truly phones giffgaff
    View Control - Giffgaff
    Control - Giffgaff
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