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Art by Tony Babel

Adobe Creative Director Brian Yap shares his 9 favorite shots

I’m Brian Yap, a creative director at Adobe and life-long illustrator. A sci-fi nerd for sure, I love the fact that I work heavily on the iPad, but I also still have a fascination with pens and taking pictures of gritty textures out in the world. On the side, I sometimes pretend to be a musician.

I have always been excited by Illustration, and even more specifically illustration with animated elements. When I was in school taking drawing classes, perceived motion was so important, and as a comic book fan it was something you felt just by looking at the images. One of the most exciting things to me today is how technology is allowing illustration to come alive in smaller ways than animated features, whether it’s an animated gif or full, augmented reality experience. I chose some examples that I thought really have fun with how we view illustration in new ways.

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Row 1: Eduard Mykhailov, Eric Pautz, MUTI.

All thumbs up for this one by Eduard Mykhailov, so loud and almost punk. Worth listening to with music. One of my favorite things on the internet.

3D work tends to become exponentially more interesting to me when an illustrative aspect is added to it. This piece by Eric Pautz has some gorgeous textures and style that seem to integrate seamlessly with the 3D world. Beautiful.

MUTI is one of those groups that just creates beautiful projects over and over again. This one is such a short loop but manages to hint at an epic storyline in that short amount of time.

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Row 1: Beresnev, Tony Babel, Fraser Davidson for Cub Studio.

What looks like a short loop is actually much longer when you realize that the main character is creating different animals. There is such an efficient use of small movements by Beresnev.

The style on this one by TonyBabel is so cool. Graphic but with a nod to classic black and white cartoons. I like those successful combinations.

There is a design lesson in here somewhere. I’m not sure, maybe color theory or size against spatial hierarchy. But the motion is really nice and the colors are great and as simple as it is, the loop by Fraser Davidson is genius.

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Row 1: Tomasz Czajka, Eddie Lobanovskiy for PKRV, Darrick Hays.

I like the surreal quality of this piece, and it really made me want to go to search out and find the finished project. There are some beautiful ideas in this illustration by Tomasz Czajka.

Process is so fun to watch. As artists, we always want to know how things are made, and even being able to view a quick timelapse like this is lovely. Also drawing on iPad – incredible. Nice work, Eddie Lobanovskiy.

I love this one by Darrick Hays and the process behind creating a brand, and animated logos can give you a peak of some fun thinking leading up to the final. It definitely feels like we are going to see more brand guidelines that include animation parameters as well.

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