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Design Better's Free DesignOps Handbook

There’s a new great book out from InVision’s project, DesignBetter: the Design Ops Handbook. Written by Kate Battles of FitBit, Meredith Black of Pinterest, Dave Malouf of Design Ops Summit, and Collin Whiteheadof Dropbox—and edited by Gregg Bernstein—this book is meant to help growing companies who are investing in design get a handle on workflow, and help with coordination to create high-functioning teams.

Hot off the press: DesignOps Handbook

Hot off the press: DesignOps Handbook

by Jack Daly for InVision

I’m excited to share the latest big project at InVision: DesignOps Handbook. This DesignBetter.Co book is the first of its kind on the subject of DesignOps. We worked with awesome artist Jeremy Booth to illustrate this book, and had a great time colla...

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With stunning design by Connor Murphy and amazing illustrations by Jeremy Booth, this is not only super informative but a pleasure to read. This is a massive group effort, so be sure to check out the shot details for the whole team that worked on this.

Sold? Read the free book! Also be sure to check out the other super helpful, super beautiful books from DesignBetter, as well as their podcast, workshops, and articles.

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