Designing the DesignBetter.Co books

Each book in the DesignBetter.Co library features a mix of deep insights and quick learnings. When we concepted each book, we knew we wanted stunning, distinctive illustrations to capture that interplay between immersive depth and sparks of delight in the words.

For instance, in Principles of Product Design, you can go on an exploration of everything from how to conduct surveys to how to structure design reviews—or just listen to a quick clip of a design leader interview or try out a fast team exercise.

Illustrations needed to set the mood for deep, impactful learning while staying playful true to the DesignBetter.Co brand.

Enter Jack Daly, the creator of the out-of-this-world illustrations bringing the DesignBetter.Co books to life. It was amazing to work with Jack and the rest of the team to incorporate rich illustration into each book, and to make sure every element worked harmoniously together.

Hit “L” to give Jack and the rest of the team some love, and check out DesignBetter.Co to see more of our work!

Aaron Stump: Creative & Art Direction
Jared Granger: Brand Design & Art Direction
Anton Aheichanka: Web Design & Animation
Luisa Mancera: Web Design
Connor Murphy: Design
Jack Daly: Illustration

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