The Many Endeavors of Designer and Artist Melvin Thambi

Who are you?

I am Melvin Thambi, an artist and designer. My passions are art, design, travel and photography.

I am the Creative Director for RapidValue Solutions, an innovative digital services company based out of California. Our design studio is organized under the brand name- RapidGems ( I live and work with my family in Houston, Texas.

I am the founder of an art studio called Emm and Enn. I started this studio concept with my wife and a professional artist named Nimmy Melvin. The idea behind this studio is to conduct art exhibitions, interact with artists around the world, and promote art in general.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts from my home country, India. After completing my studies, I entered the digital world of Branding, user experience, and user interface designs. It was a great journey working with some big brands like Facebook, eBay, and LinkedIn. I still pursue my design happiness by working with renowned brands on some amazing projects.

What are you working on?

For me, art and design have equal importance in life. I am focusing on empowering my art skills along with my design skills this year. I achieve this by doing daily sketches and painting practice. As a matter of fact, I am also preparing for my first art exhibition of the year. My previous one was a success, and you’ll be able to see my painting series, ‘Bonvoyage 2018’ in an art gallery soon!

I am planning to continue my interview series, Abstracts once a month. Abstracts is a curated perspectives section with seasoned artists from the fields of design, art, photography, motion graphics and advertising. The primary goal of this interview series is to share the design and thought process of well established creative people. These interactive sessions help me learn many new concepts and trends in art and design, and I hope sharing these articles might be helpful to all design enthusiasts. I’m already up to nine episodes of the podcast version!

And last but not least, this year I have started working on my dream project, which is focused on empowering art and design education in children. More details to come soon.

Choose a favorite shot of yours. Why is it a favorite?

The app attempts to mesh together weather and art. It’s an app for daily use that utilizes vibrant colors and includes illustrations of legends from the world of music, art, design, and tech. The artwork was done on an iPad using Procreate, the user interactions were done in Principle, and the design in Sketch. I even made a video documenting the process behind this work. In creating this app, these were the main points I wanted to stick to:

  • The landing screen will display details of daily weather and the portraits of creative legends.
  • Scrolling down will provide more information on the weather forecast.
  • Swiping right will give the weather details of other countries.
  • A long press on the image will automatically add the image to your iPhotos. More colorful wallpapers on your phone!

I have started the second phase of this project and planning to execute this project as soon as possible. This time I am trying my luck on the new design tool Invision Studio to design this app.

Tell us about your setup. What tools did you use to create the shot (e.g. hardware, software, pens, paper, blowtorch)?


A clean and organized workplace always makes me more productive., so I always try to retain a nice ambiance in my studio. My preferences for quality and speed push me to bring more Apple gadgets to my workstation.


A 27 inch iMac is my main buddy—it’s a powerful machine that helps me a lot in multitasking. I use iPad pro and the Apple Pencil for digital drawings, mindmaps, and wireframing. For scribbling thoughts, I prefer notebook and pen from Baronfig.


My most used apps for illustration are Procreate, Sketch, and Adobe Draw. I prefer Final Cut Pro for video editing, Adobe XD and Sketch for UI design and wireframing, Illustrator for vector graphics, and Photoshop for complex design compositions. I use Principle and Aftereffects for interaction animations. InVision and Marvel are my tools for prototyping. Zeplin is another excellent tool that I use for creating style guides and asset management. For idea collaborations, I prefer Dropbox paper, Evernote, and Google Docs. Slack is my primary communication channel. Time Timer is my new friend which help me to be more productive at work.

Choose a favorite shot from another Player. Why do you dig it?

Geometric shapes - Kolam artistry bangalore geometric illustration india kolam loops rangoli south india

Geometric shapes - Kolam

by ranganath krishnamani

Kolam or rangoli - composed of geometric lines and curved loops drawn everyday in front of every South Indian home. A subtle way to demonstrate the artistry, taste and personality of each home.

View on Dribbble

I from a place called Kerala, the southernmost part of India. India is famous for its rich culture and unique colors, and Ranganath’s illustrations reflect those tones and the heritage of India, which I love.

Drawing a ‘Kolam in front of houses in the early morning is a refreshing visual that I see a lot in my hometown of Palakkad. This illustration always takes me back to my childhood memories. Capturing all those moments in an 800x600 shots takes extraordinary creativity, a similar effort that a designer makes when working on mobile projects. Art and design succeed when they communicate complex emotion minimally. A big kudos to Ranganathan!

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