1. Unwind minimal illustration screen curefit new normal everyday observations stories working from home unwind
  2. Creatives under lockdown - cover creating vector illustration magazine cover india sharing conceptual lockdown creavites
    Creatives under lockdown - cover
  3. Lake Gadisar series story illustration everyday ritual yellow city desert india gadisar jaisalmer rajasthan
    Lake Gadisar
  4. Snapshots from everyday observation stories startup india everyday fitness flat colorful mirror stretch yoga new normal snapshots
    Snapshots from everyday
  5. Weaving texture vector connections quarantine conceptual illustration heart fabric weaving
  6. Coffee and Carbon Footprint handmade procreate ipadpro print magazine routine environment impact illustration carbon footprint coffee
    Coffee and Carbon Footprint
  7. Drying out vector illustration conceptual at home everyday inspiration quarantine india home drying face masks mask fashion
    Drying out
  8. Caring Advise texture minimal advise care recipes fitness ipadpro drawing procreate celebration motivation sketches
    Caring Advise
  9. Making health easy and accessible healthcare india screening nutrition health app papercut design language wellness fitness health
    Making health easy and accessible
  10. Brewing work from home conceptual illustration brewing india illustration home space quarantine working space work from home routine coffeemaker brew
    Brewing work from home
  11. Blending Flavours illustration creative lifestyle quarantine series conceptual illustration lockdown cooking mix blending
    Blending Flavours
  12. Prioritising fitness series vector illustration conceptual bottle activity quarantine staying fit exercise stretch yoga fitness
    Prioritising fitness
  13. Business thinking for designers adventure product conceptual series alice in wonderland book handbook designers business business thinking
    Business thinking for designers
  14. Summer Showers sketch salt shaker plants patio confined conceptual illustrator series quarantine play summer rain showers
    Summer Showers
  15. Lights On illustation texture quarantine serving salute conceptual candle light superhero respect
    Lights On
  16. Giving time a break story texture illustration india isometric view patio solitude coffee home time conceptual illustration conceptual design hour glass quarantine working from home
    Giving time a break
  17. Together illustration creative time india play sanitiser board games togetherness home
  18. City Skyline location drawing palace architecutre heritage pink rajasthan series illustration sketch india jaipur
    City Skyline
  19. Learning to Balance travel illustration series architecture everyday lifestyle india stories rajasthan living fort jaisalmer fort
    Learning to Balance
  20. Amer Fort - Jaipur textures vector illustration rustic colourful viewpoint travel outdoor stairway architecture heritage india fort
    Amer Fort - Jaipur
  21. Passion in the mirror routine getting ready corporate artist seeking story contrast mirror unique hobby passion career aspirations
    Passion in the mirror
  22. Big life decisions product illustration digital illustration digital web product design color palette pattern visual language story web design insurance
    Big life decisions
  23. Take Flight vector illustration parachute sand parasailing sport trip india goa perspective beach
    Take Flight
  24. Art Fair illustration india bangalore festival art festival artist art fair art
    Art Fair
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