1. Workout Formats exploration for CULT curefit cult video exercise format workout tech fitness mobile animation product app interaction design ui ux
    View Workout Formats exploration for CULT
    Workout Formats exploration for CULT
  2. Festivity in the air season festival celebration india snapshots stories getting started diwali hanging lights
    View Festivity in the air
    Festivity in the air
  3. Snapshots from everyday everyday gyms snapshots stories new notes observations india wedding fashion new normal
    View Snapshots from everyday
    Snapshots from everyday
  4. Observations from New Normal new normal experiment observations story lounge airport haircut mask hobby social distance travel
    View Observations from New Normal
    Observations from New Normal
  5. New Normal new normal balance time observations snapshot stories home working from home roles multitasking
    View New Normal
    New Normal
  6. Unwind minimal illustration screen curefit new normal everyday observations stories working from home unwind
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  7. Snapshots from everyday observation stories startup india everyday fitness flat colorful mirror stretch yoga new normal snapshots
    View Snapshots from everyday
    Snapshots from everyday
  8. What's your Pulse user experience design thinking innovation multichannel ux design product design design bebettereveryday cure.fit cult.fit pulse
    View What's your Pulse
    What's your Pulse
  9. Building Leonardo curefit design curefit design systems design system design layout ui
    View Building Leonardo
    Building Leonardo
  10. Love of fit - Now live redesign ux video food workout fitness app web experience live web india curefit cult healthcare mind eat health fitness
    View Love of fit - Now live
    Love of fit - Now live
  11. Cult Gear athlesiure parallax mobile uxui webdesign motion animation webpage accessories sports sportswear cult curefit
    View Cult Gear
    Cult Gear
  12. Summer Intern at Cure.fit summer product internship ux design
    View Summer Intern at Cure.fit
    Summer Intern at Cure.fit
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