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October Dribbble Meetup Wrap‑Up

October kept up with the rest of the year, and saw nearly 700 designers attending Dribbble Meetups around the world, with 14 events in 7 countries.

Join a Dribbble Meetup near you in November in places like Austin, Düsseldorf, Zagreb, Bangalore, and more. Or, perhaps you’re ready to host your own Dribbble Meetup and help grow the community in your area— lucky you, we just made the whole process even easier!

Rotterdam, Netherlands @ 42workspace

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“The Rotterdam Dribbble Meetup at 42workspace was a great success. We had about 100 people attending the meetup. Tim Lichtenberg from Bannerwise, and Pim Schachtschabel from Sherlocked gave very inspiring talks about the design process at a banner agency versus the process of designing an escape room.

Thank you 42workspace for having us!”

Instanbul, Turkey @ Atölye

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“We, graphityart and Atoyle, were honored to host the Istanbul Dribbble Meetup. We had 70 attendees and a few speakers, including Burak Senturk, Zeynep Kinli and Murat Kalkavan, who spoke about their work and experience. Then everyone had the chance to network and talk shop. This great event encouraged us to have more Dribbble Meetups in the future, follow graphityart and Atoyle to stay updated!”

Mykolaiv, Ukraine @ Yankee Bar

  1. Mykolaiv Dribbble Meetup @ 15.10 @ 15:00 dribbble meetup mykolaiv mykolaiv dribbble meetup ukraine

“This was the first Dribbble Meetup in Mykolaiv, and it was really exciting! We gathered around 100 creative people, more than we anticipated, in one cozy bar.

We had cool talks on illustration, UX design, and game design with Roma Doroshenko, Evan Konenko (Lead UX/UI designer at Steelkiwi Inc.), Ivan Zasyadvovk (creator of PUSS! the game) and a big discussion with Bo Samsonov.

So many positive emotions and new great connections! This was all put on by Mykolaiv IT Cluster, Beetroot Academy, and me, Valentine Reshetniak. We’ll definitely organize another one next year!”

Lagos, Nigeria @ Workstation Nigeria

  1. Lagos Meet

“The event saw about 100 designers both from within and from outside of Lagos come together for the Dribbble Meetup at Workstation. It was fun-packed and with great conversations. Chuks Sunesis, a designer and entrepreneur, moderated the event and shed light on problems designers face as well as possible solutions. We also discussed collaboration amongst creatives, and encouraged attendees to challenge themselves by rebounding shots from fellow Dribbble players. We also played several games such as “name the font,” and drew emojis we wished existed.

There were great drinks and snacks for all attendees thanks to our amazing sponsors, Liquid Hub, Cuisine Fantastique, and Sla’s Cakes N Bakes.

Thanks again to Rewrite Interaction Agency, Workstation Victoria Island, Cokards Creative Agency, The Pearl Jacob Eventiers,, Liquid Hub, Slas Cakes and Bakes, Farabale Africa, Tech City, Wale Calfos Photography, Road Preppers/, and My Kolo for all the support given during the event.”

Manipal, India @ Sir MV Auditorium Hall

Suvodeep Misra, a graphic designer and student of MIT, got the ball rolling by talking about what design is and why it’s relevant. He introduced various applications of design and also spoke about some of the job prospects it offers. This was followed by an introduction to the basic concepts of graphic design such as layouts and typography.

Next up, Divyansh Deora familiarized the audience with Dribbble, and did an introduction to Adobe Illustrator. Following this, attendees were taught the fundamentals of Illustrator by members of IECSE, who also organized the event. The audience, consisting mostly of beginner designers, found the event to be well-organized and extremely informative and educational.”

San Salvador, El Salvador @ Deskritorio

  1. San Salvador Dribbble Meetup Vol. 1 deskritorio dribbble meetup el salvador meetup san salvador

“Our first meetup was awesome! We learned a lot with Delmy Alvarenga from 4am Saatchi & Saatchi, Carla Levy from Fatkid Studio and Walter Contreras from Dicho & Hecho. They taught us about brand strategy, brand voice, and brand philosophy. With 25 attendees, we had a great time laughing and chit-chatting, drinking a lot of coffee and enjoying some grilled cheese sandwiches from MeDerrito.

Thanks to our host Deskritorio and our collaborators Spikin Digital and Midnight Films. We’ll hope to see everyone in December for a lettering meetup.”

Cochin, India @ Comic Collective

“The first Cochin Dribbble meetup was amazing. Around 30 designers and artists from in and out of Kochi attended, and were inspired by sharing their work and getting feedback from experienced professionals. It was a very friendly get together, more like a bunch of friends gathering and talking about anything and everything design. The meetup was intentionally designed as a fun gathering by bunch of creative minds sitting on the floor of a comic book library.

Orion Champadiyil did a live sketch session and talked about different methods of sketching, and how he started his journey as an artist and designer. Sreejith shared his experience working on movies and with directors. He also gave important pointers on understanding client requirements exactly before jumping into a project, and explained how he handled different kinds of clients.

The intention of the meetup was to bring both designers and artists closer by building a community for creators in general in Kochi. Everyone came as strangers and left as friends. “

Manila, Phillippines @ Launchgarage Innovation Hub

  1. Manila East Dribbble Meetup community event launchgarage learning manila marikina pasig philippines poster quezon city rizal workshop

“Eleven people attended our Manila Dribbble Meetup. Karl Castro talked about basic principles of design, as well as where ideas come from and how else to exercise design other than for commercial consumption. Ivan shared his approaches to illustration and some tips on staying inspired. Both talked about a number of their works and the process and their experiences behind those. Given our size, the discussion was more intimate than typical talks. Participants got to ask questions about freelancing, communicating with clients, burnout and other creative challenges and get real, individual answers.”


  1. Dribbble kashmir @dribbble kashmir

“It was amazing to host a Dribbble Meetup in our city, and we hope to make them a recurring event. Around 15 designers from different cities attended the meetup in ThinkPod Co-Working space.

We had a great time talking about UI design, and designing teams for emerging challenges in the modern design market. We maintained quality conversation through the meetup, each designer sharing their ideas and background story. Thanks to Junaid Masoodi for leading the conversation!’”

New York City, New York @ Prolific Interaction

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“The mobile agency Prolific Interactive hosted Josh Brewer and over 70 members of the NYC design community to discuss Abstract, a new tool that lets designers collaborate like never before. Josh shared the origins of Abstract, gave a demo of some hot-off-the-press features, and answered Qs with As. We had fun and learned a lot!

Learn more about Abstract and connect with Josh on Twitter. Stay tuned for more exciting Dribbble Meetups from Prolific Interactive early next year!”


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