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September Dribbble Meetup Wrap‑Up

September was a busy month for Dribbble Meetup organizers! With 15 events spanning 13 countries, several smaller gatherings brought together over 600 designers.

Join a Dribbble Meetup near you in October in places like Manipal, San Antonio, Kashmir, New York City, and more. Or, perhaps you’re ready to host your own Dribbble Meetup and help grow the community in your area— lucky you, we just made the whole process even easier!

Copenhagen, Denmark @

  1. Dribbble & Iconfinder Meetup Copenhagen

“Copenhagen Dribbble Meetup 2017 was a blast! It was organized by Iconfinder at HQ and gathered over one hundred designers, illustrators, developers and design enthusiasts. We heard three awesome talks given by Nicky Grunfeld, Tim Allison and Meg Robichaud, who came to our meetup all the way from Vancouver.

The event saw a mixed crowd of both Danes and internationals living in the capital and helped to initiate a number of design conversations and cheeky jokes, all fostered by a good amount of local craft beer. Shoutout to our sponsors for helping to make this happen!

Read the full recap on the Iconfinder blog!”

Salt Lake City, Utah @ Church & State

“We had a great time talking on a personal level about UI design and earning customers in the modern design market. Thanks to speakers Jered Miller and Benjamin DeBell of for leading the conversation!”

Paris, France @ Algolia

  1. Paris Dribbble Meetup #3
𝐋𝐔𝐊𝐘 𝐕𝐉 🌹‏ Frontend DevSigner @Algolia | CSS Ninja wizard | Proud Gitch at

“The Dribbble Meetup in Paris was a hit! Anthony Adam, ex-head of UX and design at Doctolib, currently head of design at Pretto, discussed his method to build user and design-centric products. Antoine Plu, a freelance product designer, discussed the reality of freelancing. Finally, Sébastien Navize, creative designer at Algolia, taught Lettering 101. Also, a big thank you to Sarah Dayan who did an amazing lettering during the event on some glass windows!

Afterward, people talked in small groups and businesses cards were exchanged. Everyone loved the pizzas, the beers, the Dribbble goodies, and the company of course! We will be hosting another one in December!”

Charlotte, South Carolina @ Red Ventures

“This month’s Charlotte Dribbble Meetup included seventy five designers, illustrators, and creatives alike from all parts of the Carolinas. Red Ventures hosted the event at their main headquarters, located in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

The evening kicked off with some tasty bites from the Red Ventures on-site restaurant, Ilios. Beer was flowing from taps, and people had great conversations and made new connections. Some of those that attended even bowled a few strikes before the talks began. A rock star list of speakers included Jon Aron, Charlie Green, Heather Buchma, Anne Marie Gaines, Abbey Perkins, Mario Gil, and Dustin Putnam covering topics about brands, product design, and UX. Wrapping the evening up, Gina Rowland and Adam Iscrupe gave a tour around the campus.

Shout out to the incredible supporting sponsors: Dribbble, InVision, Sketch, [Stocksy United(, and Red Ventures. Without them, this Dribbble Meetup wouldn’t have been a success! Everyone who attended walked away with a lot of great swag from our sponsors including buttons, pins, stickers, t-shirts, posters, notebooks, and coffee mugs. Leisha Scallan, our raffle winner, received a 1-year professional account from InVision and a Sketch license with 1-year of free updates, congrats Leisha!”

San Cristobal, Venezuela @ Moa Café

“With an attendance of 56 people, we enjoyed an unprecedented Dribbble Meetup In San Cristóbal and Venezuela. On Saturday, designers met at Moa Cafe to talk about creative events, network, discuss the latest design trends, and strengthen ties for future ventures.

Elba Sindoni of Nokoarts Digital Agency discussed product design and shared examples, and David Palma also presented his work. We then had a great play-off with a raffle. We invite you to join us in our future events!”

Amarillo, Texas @ The 806 Art Collective

  1. Amarillo September Dribbble Meetup

“Our Amarillo Dribbble Meetup was super successful and very fun! We hosted our event at The 806 Art Collective, where we had a turnout of ten designers. We had an analog playoff, played a round of Exquisite Corpse with teams of three, then talked about our vision to grow a stronger creative community in Amarillo. We will be meeting again in October with a Halloween themed meetup!”

Indore, India @ Adited Co-Working

  1. Indore Dribbble Meetup

“It was amazing to host a Dribbble Meetup in our city, and we hope to make them a recurring event. We met in the Adited Co-Working space, who gave an in-kind sponsorship for the venue. We maintained quality conversation through the event, each designer sharing their ideas and background story.

For our next meetup we will have a photographer and increase our sponsorship to scale it up. Thanks to Dribbble for this great community, making it possible for us to connect great innovators under one roof.”

Denver, Colorado @ Gusto

“It was great to connect and share experiences from different perspectives— thanks so much to Denean, Kelley, and Robert for sharing your stories. Also many thanks to our sponsors Dribbble, Gusto, and Figma, who provided the space, swag, and pizza for our gathering.”

Bogotá, Colombia @ Platzi

  1. Hola Dribbblers de Bogotá

“Fifty design enthusiasts met for the first edition of the Bogotá Dribble Meetup. We had 5 excellent speakers who covered illustration, UX, color theory, user research, and workflows between design and development teams. Many thanks to Platzi for the venue, food, and help in general!”

Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Resoluut

  1. Amserdam1
  2. Amsterdam3
  3. Amsterdam2

“The Amsterdam Dribbble Meetup + Amsterdam Creatives was a huge success! We had a very diverse and interesting crowd of national as well as international people. Our talks led to very interesting discussions and positive reactions. We really felt like we brought together a community of like-minded creatives. We are very happy to facilitate these types of events. It was a night full of inspirational moments. Shoutout to Dribbble for all their support! We hope to see you at our next Amsterdam Dribbble Meetup soon. Cheers!


The following Dribbble Meetups are happening soon. For the full list of upcoming meetups, visit our Meetups page.

  1. Meetup fpo 5

    October 19, 2018

    Tallahassee Dribbble Meetup

    Tallahassee, FL
  2. October 21, 2018

    Surat Dribbble Meetup

    iKoVerk Co-working Space, 10th Floor, Titaanium Business, Bhimrad Road, Althan, Surat Gujarat 395017 India
  3. Meetup fpo 6

    October 24, 2018

    Manipal Dribbble Meetup

    Udupi Karkala Road, Manipal, Karnataka Udupi Karnataka 576104 India
  4. Meetup fpo 5

    October 25, 2018

    Boston Dribbble Meetup w/ Digitas and Pneuhaus

    75 Northern Avenue Boston MA|Massachusetts 02210
  5. October 25, 2018

    Asheville Dribbble Meetup

    45 S French Broad Ave #170 Asheville NC 28801 United States

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