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Shot Block: Book Redesigns

We’re big readers over here at Dribbble, and well into our summer reading lists. In last week’s Weekly Replay we covered Spine, a stunning publication dedicated to book cover design.

This week we found some creative redesigns of books already on the shelves, as imagined by Dribbblers/bookworms. Check just a few of them out below!

  1. Moby Dick
  2. Book Cover Redesign 01
  3. Blood Meridian Redesign
  4. The Bell Jar Book Cover Redesign
  5. Book Cover Redesign: Madness, Rack, and Honey
  6. Redesign book cover
  7. Book Cover Redesign
  8. Into The Wild

Row 1: Gerald, BBB Studio, David Higdon. Row 2: cheri wang, Alicia Tatone, Lulu Jiang. Row 3: Caroline Bergsten, Amr Zakaria.

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