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Shot Block: 36 Days of Type, S‑T‑U

Feeling stuck? Stumbling through your day? Get inspired by these stupefyingly stunning S, T, and U contributions to the 36 Days of Type project from fellow Dribbblers!

Are you working on 36 Days of Type too? Be sure to utilize 36 Days of Type tags so we can find your shots!

  1. S is for skate
  2. S
  3. S
  4. T~ (Day 20/36)
  5. T / 36 Days Of Type
  6. t letter
  7. 36 Days of Type – U
  8. 36 Days of Type - U
  9. 36 Days of Type - U

Row 1: James Farndon, Andrés Hernández, Allison Supron. Row 2: Yatish Asthana, Amber Anderson, Dizzyline. Row 3: Brett Stiles, Nick Matej, Will Gelatko.

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