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Shot Block: 36 Days of Type, P‑Q‑R

R u minding ur Ps and Qs? These Dribbblers sure are in this week’s Shot Block highlighting the P-Q-R portion of 36 Days of Type. We still have six more sets of letters to highlight, so stay tuned!

Are you working on 36 Days of Type too? Be sure to utilize 36 Days of Type tags so we can find your shots!

  1. P — 36 Days Of Type
  2. 36 Days of Type - P
  3. P - 36 Days Of Type
  4. 36 days of type - Q
  5. Q
  6. Q space
  7. 36 Days of Type – R
  8. R
  9. 36 Days of Type – R

Row 1: Bryn Taylor, Patswerk, Alexander Klement. Row 2: Gerardo Flores, Quentin Ames, Génesis Linares. Row 3: Johnathon Simmons, Ben Huynh, Meagan Apperson.

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