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Timeout: Alexander Vidal

Who are you?

I’m a Los Angeles based illustrator and designer. Before studying design, I studied anthropology, and I lived in South Africa, Thailand and Taiwan. But I found myself increasingly wanted to explore the world through illustration, so I returned to the US to study at Art Center College of Design. I now illustrate and design for children’s books, surface design, branding, and package design.

What are you working on?

I’m currently illustrating an an Atlas of world animals, and working on a series of California focused maps with topics like local fauna and unique architecture. I’m also awaiting the release of my first children’s book this May. I’ve also just started working in a small collective with some other Los Angeles illustrator friends, and we’ve begun working on some fun new surface design projects.

Choose a favorite shot of yours. Why is it a favorite?

Kori Bustard

Kori Bustard

by Alexander Vidal

Illustration of a kori bustard, a large African bird. The male of the species may be the heaviest bird capable of flight.

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I did this illustration of the Kori Bustard while back visiting South Africa. I had spent the weekend at a beautiful national park, Kruger, where I’d been lucky enough to see a few of these incredible birds. I’d taken my laptop with me, so while still on vacation I got it out and worked on this illustration, trying to capture the strange beauty of the bird. In some ways this illustration felt like a turning point, and it’s shaped the way I illustrate now.

Tell us about your setup. What tools did you use to create the shot (e.g. hardware, software, pens, paper, blowtorch)?


I created my illustration of the bustard, and most work, with a combination of digital techniques and hand created textures. I sketched the bird out using some photographs I’d taken, trying for a mix of stylized shapes with naturalistic touches. I then illustrated it in Adobe Illustrator, using textures I’d created with gouache and ink to add a little softness to it.

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Italy quality products

Italy quality products

by Daniele Simonelli

Some illustrations designed for the Marimo's client Symbola for a publication about Italians best quality products. Ways neater than my usual style, but I do like it.

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I love the illustrations Daniele Simonelli shares. The work always expresses shapes in a way that is minimal and elegant, with the perfect balance of vintage charm with a modern quality.

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