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Shot Block: Type Hike

Last week the National Park Service observed its centennial. To celebrate, David Rygiol and James Louis Walker organized Type Hike—a collaborative design project including 59 designers and typographers, each of whom will create a unique design for a park they love. All of the profits will be donated directly to the National Park’s Centennial Campaign and used to give the parks another spectacular century! Check out Type Hike work by Dribbblers in the Shot Block below.

  1. Virgin Islands National Park – Type Hike
  2. Type Hike – Hot Springs National Park
  3. Type Hike - Congaree Nat'l Park
  4. Grand Canyon - Type Hike
  5. Happy Birthday National Park Service!
  6. Type Hike
  7. Bryce Canyon for Type Hike

Top: Jay Fletcher, Brian Steely, Bryan B. Butler. Middle: Eric Hurtgen, Husbandmen, Matthew Smith. Bottom: Missy Reinikainen, Lauren Dickens, Philip Eggleston.

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