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Shot Block: Fifty‑Nine Parks

Our friends at the National Poster Retrospecticus just kicked off a fun new series called The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series. They’ve teamed up with over 50 prominent poster artists and Dribbble regulars to make screen printed posters for each of the National Parks.

Organizer JP Boneyard said, “The strength of the series comes from the mix of artists which is as eclectic as the parks themselves. We encourage anyone who’s into posters and/or the parks to keep up with the series via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. New prints will be coming out each month!”

Check out the beautiful branding by Curtis Jinkins along with some other shots from the project below.

Bonus: Poster fans and Austinites can catch The NPR at Flatstock 53 next week!

  1. Big Bend National Park Poster (Detail)
  2. Capitol Reef National Park Poster (Detail)
  3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Detail)
  4. Grand Tetons National Park Poster
  5. Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series
  6. Color!
  7. Olympic National Park Detail (variant) - Fifty-Nine Parks
  8. zion national park
  9. Catlin Sans

Row 1: JP Boneyard, JP Boneyard, JP Boneyard. Row 2: Eric Nyffeler, Curtis Jinkins, Justin Santora. Row 3: Daniel Danger, Dan McCarthy, Riley Cran.

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