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Shot Block: Noodles

Slurp! Everyone loves noodles, right? Whether they’re in your ramen, pho, or pad Thai—they’re delicious. No matter the shape or the size—long, short, straight, wavy or folded—designers are celebrating them on Dribbble.

See 9 noodle shots by 9 different designers in the Shot Block below.

  1. Ramen
  2. Golden Ramen
  3. Good/Bad Palm Oil
  4. Ramen Illustration
  5. 141
  6. No Noodle Left Behind - Back Graphic
  7. The Cupped Noodle - Pattern
  8. Pho
  9. Worried Ramen

Top: Markus Magnusson, Ameen Al Saqqaf, Nice and Serious. Middle: Sindy Ethel, Lan Truong, Brian Tong. Bottom: Jenni Jackson, Aradhana Modi, Hayden Aube.

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