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Shot Block: Blockbuster

Grab your buckets of popcorn and 10-gallon sodas. Today we are all about the movies.

Every spring/summer season brings a host of potential blockbusters, movies that capture the public’s imagination and their dollars, both. Designing related collateral, whether it be posters for the studio or fan art for your shop, presents time-dependent challenges.

Create after the movie is released and fans have already attached themselves to the visual characteristics of a movie’s settings, style and personalities. Create before the movie and, well, we’ll let Disney designer and illustrator Alex Riegert-Waters explain. Alex created a poster for the sci-fi/mystery/adventure film Tomorrowland.

“The biggest challenge for designing for film is timing. The art has to be done so far ahead of the release date that often times you’re designing before a concrete version of the film is together. It’s a tightrope walk between creating an image that isn’t married to a detail that might change, while still saying something substantial about the movie.

“Tomorrowland was a little easier since it had imagery that was so iconic to the film. You know it wasn’t going anywhere.”

Below, a shot from Alex’s poster (top row, center) plus 8 more blockbuster shots from 8 more blockbuster designers, all posted in the last six months.

  1. Dribbbleterminator
  2. Tomorrowland
  3. Dribble
  1. Furyroad 800x600 1x
  2. Headgear ant man motion dribbble
  3. Jurassicpark dribbble 1x
  1. Inside out2 1x
  2. Walker paul cfernandez dribbble
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Top: Sara Ribas, Alex Riegert-Waters, Wagner de Souza. Middle: Philip Eggleston, Miguel Camilo, Phalen Reed. Bottom: Matt Kaufenberg, Aaron Jackson, Marie Bergeron.

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