1. Kintsugi UI Components calendar record card ui component design system ui design ux ios
    View Kintsugi UI Components
    Kintsugi UI Components
  2. Kintsugi Voice Journaling microinteraction ui interaction ux animation 3d
    View Kintsugi Voice Journaling
    Kintsugi Voice Journaling
  3. 2020 Rewind product design interaction design ux animation 3d
    View 2020 Rewind
    2020 Rewind
  4. Kintsugi exercise cards mental health cards ui branding illustration 3d
    View Kintsugi exercise cards
    Kintsugi exercise cards
  5. Kintsugi Mindful breathing excercise interaction illustration 3d ux ui ios
    View Kintsugi Mindful breathing excercise
    Kintsugi Mindful breathing excercise
  6. Kintsugi product design 3d product design branding app design ux ios ui
    View Kintsugi product design
    Kintsugi product design
  7. Tapbar reveal iosapp houdini octane cinema4d tapbar ios ui
    View Tapbar reveal
    Tapbar reveal
  8. Onboarding Flow icon mobile app interaction 3d ux design ios ui
    View Onboarding Flow
    Onboarding Flow
  9. Photos / black ios mac big sur appicon icon ui design 3d
    View Photos / black
    Photos / black
  10. Cash flow projection dashboard dashboad 3d art octanerender cinema4d 3d ux ui
    View Cash flow projection dashboard
    Cash flow projection dashboard
  11. Dona Icon 3dart 3d productivity icon ui ux
    View Dona Icon
    Dona Icon
  12. UI Material website webdesign typography app ux web landingpage 3d uxdesign uidesign ui
    View UI Material website
    UI Material website
  13. UI MATERIAL is live 3dart 3d uxui ux web ui
    View UI MATERIAL is live
    UI MATERIAL is live
  14. Big Sur Icons 3d icon app
    View Big Sur Icons
    Big Sur Icons
  15. Onboarding Flow ui 3d micro interaction motion interaction onboarding ux
    View Onboarding Flow
    Onboarding Flow
  16. Landing page intro 3danimation graphic interaction typography web animation branding landing page gleb ui art ui motion design 3d art 3d
    View Landing page intro
    Landing page intro
  17. Glass Phone - Greener Together branding web typography illustration 3d webdesign ui
    View Glass Phone - Greener Together
    Glass Phone - Greener Together
  18. Summer Forecast weather typography mockup ios mobile layout interface clean cinema4d c4d 3d art 3d
    View Summer Forecast
    Summer Forecast
  19. Meeting notes summary video call chat speech to text transcription topics ai machine learning ml
    View Meeting notes
    Meeting notes
  20. Automated ID Verification automation ai fintech ux user interface user experience designer id verification verification ui transition id product mobile animated interaction ios design  detail screen commercial animation application app 3dobject 3d
    View Automated ID Verification
    Automated ID Verification
  21. Donut Store detail checkout cards ux user interface user experience designer ui card ui designer ui shop product mobile ios ecommerce design  detail screen application app 3dobject 3d
    View Donut Store
    Donut Store
  22. Donut Selection Interaction swipe  transition mobile animated interaction user interface user experience designer commercial animation ux ui shop product ios ecommerce transition detail screen swipe 3dobject 3d ui card design application app
    View Donut Selection Interaction
    Donut Selection Interaction
  23. Fill the Box upsell checkout purchase user experience designer ui transition swipe transition shop product mobile animated interaction ios ecommerce screen detail design commercial animation application app 3dobject 3d
    View Fill the Box
    Fill the Box
  24. Product Selection prototype app 3d ux design ios animation ui
    View Product Selection
    Product Selection
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