1. Floor Editor builder editor floor map
    View Floor Editor
    Floor Editor
  2. Thank god the office has snacks animation feedback figma motion graphics nps ui
    View Thank god the office has snacks
    Thank god the office has snacks
  3. Abstracting detail based on zoom level desk group floor plans hybrid work indoor maps maps
    View Abstracting detail based on zoom level
    Abstracting detail based on zoom level
  4. Office Pass detail exploration android card ui detail screen detail view feed hybrid work ios mobile ui
    View Office Pass detail exploration
    Office Pass detail exploration
  5. Quick add prototype animation figma ios mobile quick add shortcut tray ui
    View Quick add prototype
    Quick add prototype
  6. Check-in Boop figma mobile mobile ux ui
    View Check-in Boop
    Check-in Boop
  7. Pass Screens android card ui feed figma figma design ios mobile pass reservation ui ux
    View Pass Screens
    Pass Screens
  8. Homepage design brand design hybrid work website
    View Homepage design
    Homepage design
  9. Office pass — Coming soon 3d branding design map office pass render robin ui
    View Office pass — Coming soon
    Office pass — Coming soon
  10. Explainer Frame minimal popover productdesign tooltip ui
    View Explainer Frame
    Explainer Frame
  11. Don't forget about tables filter form tables tooltips
    View Don't forget about tables
    Don't forget about tables
  12. Outlining input states form forms input states
    View Outlining input states
    Outlining input states
  13. Robin product family lock-up devices kiosk marketing product product design touchscreen
    View Robin product family lock-up
    Robin product family lock-up
  14. Isometric floor plan desks flooplan indoor maps mapbox maps workplace
    View Isometric floor plan
    Isometric floor plan
  15. Desk menu menu tooltip ui
    View Desk menu
    Desk menu
  16. Updated Homepage branding coronavirus covid19 design office robin social distancing workplace
    View Updated Homepage
    Updated Homepage
  17. Robin Coloring Book coloring book design office robin workplace
    View Robin Coloring Book
    Robin Coloring Book
  18. Employee facing popovers desks detail information modal overlay people popover tooltip
    View Employee facing popovers
    Employee facing popovers
  19. Product Family: Digital Signage digital signage interface ipad signage touchscreen ui
    View Product Family: Digital Signage
    Product Family: Digital Signage
  20. Save those dollars design graphic illustration typogaphy
    View Save those dollars
    Save those dollars
  21. One-size-fits-all doesn’t fit anyone. board deck present presentation
    View One-size-fits-all doesn’t fit anyone.
    One-size-fits-all doesn’t fit anyone.
  22. Interactive Kiosks (Digital Signage) interactive kiosk signage touch
    View Interactive Kiosks (Digital Signage)
    Interactive Kiosks (Digital Signage)
  23. Crunching the numbers blog figma graphic larsseit minimal
    View Crunching the numbers
    Crunching the numbers
  24. Floor Flicker android chrome chrome tv chromeboox chromecast figma figmadesign ios large display minimal tablet ui touch screen ui
    View Floor Flicker
    Floor Flicker
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