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5 Reasons Why Hiring a Designer is Key to Your Business' Success

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December 06, 2021

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We all have our “zones of genius.” As a business owner, your zone of genius is likely building products or services people want, generating revenue, and strategizing for growth. Your zone of genius is likely not design.

That’s why hiring a designer can be so instrumental in your company’s success. A great designer can save you time, improve your image in the eyes of your customers, and even create more revenue. Hiring a designer is a sound business decision, even if your business is just starting out. Below are a few of the reasons why.

1. First impressions count

The first impression your business makes on potential customers shouldn’t be overlooked. And while it might not be fair, the visual representation of your brand is going to be the first thing most customers see.

"A graphic designer can make sure that every aspect of your branding is consistent. That consistency builds trust and confidence among potential customers."

If that first impression is sloppy, unprofessional, scattered, or inconsistent, your business will suffer. A designer can make sure that every aspect of your branding—from your social media ads to your logo to the images you use on your website—is consistent. That consistency builds trust and confidence among potential customers.

2. Consistency is key to success

As already mentioned, being consistent is key to building trust and confidence in your brand. If the visual messages you’re sending out are all over the place, customers won’t understand what your brand represents.

Designers understand the importance of consistency and can make sure that every marketing asset you use gives customers the same impression of your brand. The value of that is almost immeasurable.

Consistency is about more than just using the same fonts and color palettes. It’s also about the energy and impression your brand gives, which a skilled designer can explore in unique and unexpected ways that still feel “on brand.”

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3. It will save you time

Sure, you could spend all night in Canva trying to piece together some social media posts that look “good.” A designer, though, can do the same amount of work to create unique assets that aren’t based on the same templates a hundred other brands are using. And in a lot of cases, they can create those unique designs even faster than you can using templates.

Do you want to spend all of your time creating marketing materials and graphics when you could be using that same time and energy to bring in revenue? Don’t waste your time on areas that aren’t in your zone of genius.

4. It will save (and make) you money

Designers will save you money in two ways: First, they’ll prevent you from wasting money and resources on design assets that don’t work for your company. Second, good designers will create assets that generate a higher return on investment based on the time they put into them.

Wasting your time on creating marketing assets that don’t work is just wasting your money (time is money, after all). An expert designer, though, will be able to create designs that draw in more customers and generate more revenue. The time they spend creating beautiful assets supports all of the company’s revenue-generating activities.

5. Bring new, innovative ideas to the table

Coming up with new design ideas that are on-brand can be challenging for even creative non-designers. Great designers, though, are constantly on the lookout for new ideas they can combine and adapt into designs that boost your brand.

When you’re trying to figure out the best way to represent a new product or to appeal to a new demographic, a designer will already have insight into the best approach. They’ll likely start brainstorming ideas the second you mention a new direction before you’ve even asked them for any ideas they might have.

"Great designers are constantly on the lookout for new ideas they can combine and adapt into designs that boost your brand."

It’s important that you learn to listen to your graphic designer when it comes to the best ways to visually represent your business and communicate with your customers. They’re experts at what they do and understand how a design can have an emotional and psychological impact.

If you don’t trust your designer’s input into the thing they’re supposed to be an expert at, it generally signals one of two things: you’re being a control freak who can’t trust other people, or you’ve hired a designer you aren’t confident enough in. In the first case, learn to trust the people you hire to do what they do best. In the latter case, either give your designer a chance to prove themselves or hire a more experienced designer.

Good designers will show their worth

A good designer will show you their worth over and over again. Working with a designer who understands your business’ goals and vision, while also being a master of things like the principles of design and visual communication, will elevate everything your business does.

Take time to find a designer who’s style and expertise meshes with what your business needs in terms of a website, marketing materials, and other visuals. A great designer will generally excel in at least one of those areas, but they’ll be competent in all of them. In the end, an expert designer will save your company time and money, while also reducing a lot of frustration both internally and with customers.

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