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10 incredible women hand‑lettering artists to follow on Dribbble

Hiring a freelance hand-lettering artist? Check out ten talented women hand lettering artists on Dribbble and get inspired by their work.

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December 06, 2021

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freelance hand lettering

Not to be confused with calligraphy or typography, hand-lettering is known as the process of drawing your letters as opposed to writing them or editing existing fonts. Hand-lettering is an art form that has become increasingly popular in the digital space, and it’s easy to see why. Through lettering, both words and illustration can be used to deliver a clear message—and when done successfully, hand-lettering can make a powerful human connection with your audience.

The ten lettering artists below have been making waves in the hand lettering space and we’re thrilled to highlight their unique styles. Like what you see? Give them a follow or hire a freelance hand lettering artist on Dribbble for your project needs.

1. Lori Johnston

Lori Johnston’s lettering work is hilariously relatable—have you seen her Shower Thoughts piece? A lot of the hand lettering work Lori shares reads like a stream of consciousness or a visual journal almost. Here are a few of our favorites:

freelance hand lettering artist

2. Jessica Molina

Jessica Molina is a Dallas-based hand lettering artist who creates bold, empowering lettering & illustration for brands. Her lettering style is known for mixing in sweet, sarcastic, and humorous messages. Jessica specializes in advertising, editorial, murals, social media images, art licensing, and more.

feminine hand lettering
Dallas hand lettering artist

3. Esther

We love freelance designer Esther’s quirky lettering work. According to Esther, her colored hand lettering pieces are a mix between handmade and digital drawings. The Amsterdam based designer also takes her lettering to the next level by hand-painting them on murals!

hand lettering muralist
hand lettering sketches

4. Jess Smith

Jess Smith created a hilarious all-purpose greeting card and we’ve been hooked on her hand-lettering work ever since. This Bay Area designer has a knack for letters and we love the edgy twist she subtly throws into her designs.

5. Belinda Kou

One look at Belinda Kou’s hand lettering portfolio and we were hooked. Who doesn’t love naps, pizza, ramen, and everything else she letters about? The Chicago-based designer’s hand-lettering style is ultra-dimensional and definitely worth checking out.

Chicago hand lettering artist
chicago freelance hand lettering artist

6. Olga Zakharova

Who doesn’t love a good inspirational message? Olga Zakharova’s lettering work is full of them—and occasionally will include some fun phrases about things like bacon and beer. Olga’s lettering is usually accompanied by colorful, hand-drawn style illustrations. Check out some of her incredibly detailed lettering work below.

7. Lucy Llewellyn

What’s not to love about Lucy Llewellyn’s hand lettering? The UK-based designer constantly spreads good vibes and positive messages through her colorful and playful lettering.

South Wales hand lettering artist
Newport south wales lettering artist

8. Mary Kate McDevitt

Mary Kate McDevitt is a Vermont-based hand lettering artist and illustrator. Her list of clients include world-renowned brands like Target, Chronicle Books, Smuckers’, and Macy’s among others. In addition to her client work, Mary also teaches hand lettering workshops and online courses and is a published author.

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9. Carmi Grau

Carmi Grau is a force to be reckoned with in the hand lettering world. Her illustrative, bold lettering is often inspired by nature and we love how she uses symmetry in her illustrations to make different words and letters pop.

"I start with rough pencil sketches on paper where I define a basic structure and letter shapes that I’m going to use. After that, I start to work digitally. I mainly use Procreate to refine my illustrations." — Carmi Grau

10. Flora de Carvalho

Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, Flora de Carvalho is one-half of the design studio duo Estudio Passeio. Flora’s lettering seems to be heavily inspired by music. She’s been posting a ton of shots inspired by lyrics of her favorite songs. Take a look:

Sao Paulo hand lettering artist

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