Qerra – Extension 📷

November 19, 2021

Wrapping up that week with Qerra extension that allows you to create content for your audience 🔥Videos, screenshots and bookmarks, we have all of that, alongside perfectly picked & crafted user controls including drawing tools, how c...

Qerra – Viewing Experience 👀

November 17, 2021

Video platform without spot on viewing experience? Not with Qerra 🤘🏻View, browse through comments, react and reply, all tools you needed for async communication, built right into the platform!Special shoutout to great people Krystian Pro...

Qerra – Dashboard & Actions 🚀

November 15, 2021

Hello Dribbblers ⛹🏻Are you familiar with time travel concept? 🏎Getting back to the cold days of February 2021, when virus kept us locked home and designers grinded on!Qerra, all in remote cooperation platform introducing video, screensho...

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