Qerra – Dashboard & Actions 🚀

Hello Dribbblers ⛹🏻

Are you familiar with time travel concept? 🏎

Getting back to the cold days of February 2021, when virus kept us locked home and designers grinded on!

Qerra, all in remote cooperation platform introducing video, screenshot & bookmark sharing, with seamless viewing and commenting experience for remote and distributed teams working in different timezones, just as we were alongside Krystian Prorok (starring as co-designer focusing on wireframes) and Pedro Sttau (starrting as stakeholder and wonderful client) creating that project.

Presenting you with a dashboard design, the main control center for your workspace, with couple of additional actions such as: hovering, selecting and member control.

Keep the game up! 🏀

Przemek Kowal
Building a design system for BP. Daily.

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