Zowie – Design System 🎨

November 12, 2021

It was quite a week, wasn't it? 🗓Wrapping up Zowie series with a brief overlook at Zowie Design System initiative I kicked during our partnership, in couple of weeks we are able to create and develop basic Design Tokens, and few of the c...

Zowie – Dashboard 🧐

November 10, 2021

Welcome onboard! 🤝Zowie intelligence is now fully plugged and working behind your back to serve you with useful statistics that you can read and understand with a glance! You can clearly read key metrics as well as Zowie's input, making ...

Zowie – Sales Dashboard 💸

November 08, 2021

Long time, no see, back in the game 😎Zowie – a startup with a bold mission to improve customer service management by applying fair doze of smart automation 🧠Happy to start this series with a Sales Dashboard, that presents processed custo...

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