1. Smart Home application progress branding ui green brightness slider light iot smart home smarthome home design mobile business mobile app
    View Smart Home
    Smart Home
  2. Recruitment platform ui mobile app logo branding illustration funny animation design mobile business
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    Recruitment platform
  3. Car Rental ui user interface product design filter rental car animation design mobile business mobile app car rental
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    Car Rental
  4. SmartHome - Prototype wireframe prototype transition text field rotate business user experience product design mobile mobile application light blue green smart smart home mobile app user interface motion graphics animation
    View SmartHome - Prototype
    SmartHome - Prototype
  5. Music Player designer user experience user interface hobby play theme dark business mobile streaming music player music player design mobile app
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    Music Player
  6. Grocery Store - Animations business design userinterface user interface sketch figma adobe xd protopie transition motion graphics ui mobile payment methode payment credit card mobile app animation
    View Grocery Store - Animations
    Grocery Store - Animations
  7. Personal Logo |  Branding ui simple after effects animation vector branding design logos logotypedesign logodesign purple flowers logotype flower logo flower
    View Personal Logo | Branding
    Personal Logo | Branding
  8. Sign Up business mobile app dailyuichallenge corporate smile facebook google login page login logout signup registration page registration form registration sign up form register log in sign up
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    Sign Up
  9. Flowy - Website application ui application app bouquet florist flowers webdesign website web branding mobile app
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    Flowy - Website
  10. Grocery Shop cart cart design mobile design ecommerce design ecommerce shop ecommerce app ecommerce grocery list grocery store red grocery design mobile app mobile ui business
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    Grocery Shop
  11. Grocery Store Online simple mobile design groceries transition animation collect click e-commerce business add to cart red mobile app application app eccomerce store online grocery store grocery
    View Grocery Store Online
    Grocery Store Online
  12. Character Animation motion motion design animation design microanimation designer portfolio purple designer graphic designer aftereffects funny character design animation
    View Character Animation
    Character Animation
  13. Dashboard UI facebook influencer branding marketing social media business designer management system management desktop design dashboard ui dashboad
    View Dashboard UI
    Dashboard UI
  14. Bottom Bar  microanimation aftereffects microanimation animation icon mobile app neon light green purple ui design uidesign uiux navigation menu bottom bar navbar
    View Bottom Bar microanimation
    Bottom Bar microanimation
  15. Flovy - Check before get ecommerce search single product card 360 view 360 shopify baby blue red green decline accept business tinder videocall shop flowers florist flower
    View Flovy - Check before get
    Flovy - Check before get
  16. Jobsy - Find the perfect job salary cv business green uidesign mobile app design mobile mobile apps mobile app ui funny job application work job
    View Jobsy - Find the perfect job
    Jobsy - Find the perfect job
  17. Peeper - Search for the restroom nerby vr map run simple ux design funny mobile app mobileapp mobile userinterface ui application restroom toilet
    View Peeper - Search for the restroom nerby
    Peeper - Search for the restroom nerby
  18. HoloBeauty ui  ux training course user interface userinterface mobile app mobile app design mobile ui mobile ui design ui
    View HoloBeauty
  19. Aro Elegance logo elegant gold branding logotype simple logo modern simple royal deluxe premium elegance
    View Aro Elegance
    Aro Elegance
  20. Furniture Logo factory sofa furniture store logos logotype couch logo furniture
    View Furniture Logo
    Furniture Logo
  21. Horse logo business simple triangles logotype triangle logo horse horse logo
    View Horse logo
    Horse logo
  22. Monastery building city jasna gora czestochowa illustrator art vector
    View Monastery
  23. Balloon Bird Logo vector funny kid child balloon bird logo
    View Balloon Bird Logo
    Balloon Bird Logo
  24. Elephant Logo funny child logo elephant
    View Elephant Logo
    Elephant Logo
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