1. Insecurity

  2. Soviet Modernism: Memorial in Dilijan |

  3. Bridge that wall | Poster for Fine Acts

  4. Poster for a performative art project huZANG uZANG

  5. Poster for the 11th edition of ReAnimania Festival

  6. "Village of Women" movie poster

  7. Soviet Modernism: Cable car station in Ijevan

  8. Sticker for the Golden Apricot International Film Festival

  9. Book series | Women Poets of Italian Renaissance

  10. Illustration for book cover "Word next to word" by Zahrad

  11. Illustrations and design for a workbook

  12. DataPlor | Mobile service manual

  13. Illustration for "Citizens' Assemblies" book

  14. Theater play Rande.vū

  15. Tearoom logo

  16. William Saroyan | Armenian intellectuals role pIaying

  17. Alexander Tamanyan | Armenian intellectuals role pIaying

  18. Komitas | Armenian intellectuals role pIaying

  19. Poster for Motherland theatre performance

  20. The Regime is in Panic

  21. RED n1

  22. RED n2

  23. RED n3

  24. Soviet Modernism: Sports Complex in Metsamor

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