1. Wikidig Card Game Logo gamification gemstone gems crypto currency economy purple digital app game cards identity brand mark icon logo
    Wikidig Card Game Logo
  2. Kingdom Life Music clean simple quarter production label album band wave flag note music illustration branding brand identity logo mark icon
    Kingdom Life Music
  3. Ryan & Jizelle - Badge invitation circle star love marriage emblem badge brand identity logo mark o j r jizelle ryan wedding
    Ryan & Jizelle - Badge
  4. Thesis Exhibit Cards exhibition design teaching education grad school experience illustration print questions icons game cards exhibition exhibit thesis
    Thesis Exhibit Cards
  5. Thesis Icons design circle gear pin heart person lightning illustration logo sketch mark grad school thesis icons
    Thesis Icons
  6. At the Table - Book grad school table leather print sketches icons cover teaching education design thesis mfa book
    At the Table - Book
  7. At The Table - Cover print table personas teaching mfa circle sketches icons education design thesis cover book
    At The Table - Cover
  8. Brickwork Pin apparel legos icon branding enamel brick mark logo brand identity lego brickwork
    Brickwork Pin
  9. Cicerone Coffee - Sticker branding bean indiana wilderness adventure map topography logotype monogram badge patch sticker mark logo identity brand coffee cicerone
    Cicerone Coffee - Sticker
  10. Cicerone Coffee Identity monogram coffee shop adventure topographic map logotype badge bean c brand branding icon mark logo identity coffee cicerone
    Cicerone Coffee Identity
  11. Cicerone Coffee - Badges and Bags topographic icon identity badge adventure logotype logo mark branding brand map label packaging product bag coffee cicerone
    Cicerone Coffee - Badges and Bags
  12. Cicerone Coffee Company Identity patch bean line art roaster coffee shop branding system mark logo brand identity coffee cicerone
    Cicerone Coffee Company Identity
  13. Northern Colorado - Identity colorado springs branding place brand simple mountain green icon mark logotype logo brand identity colorado
    Northern Colorado - Identity
  14. Northern Colorado - Touch Points hat apparel coffee stickers jersey cycling green mountain icon mark branding logo brand identity place brand colorado
    Northern Colorado - Touch Points
  15. Northern Colorado - Campaign Identity n mountain place brand branding brand logotype mark logo identity campaign colorado
    Northern Colorado - Campaign Identity
  16. Northern Colorado Campaign Icon n green place brand branding brand logo identity mark icon mountain colorado campaign
    Northern Colorado Campaign Icon
  17. Upstate SC - Unused place place brand green badge hat cycling jersey water mountain icon mark logo identity brand
    Upstate SC - Unused
  18. Place Brand Concept skateboard place brand tree river south carolina mountain icon mark logo identity brand branding
    Place Brand Concept
  19. Upstate South Carolina - Communities place branding tourism economic development app  design filter map south carolina ui ux list app interface website
    Upstate South Carolina - Communities
  20. Upstate South Carolina - Merchandise sticker cycling jersey hat mountains south carolina branding icon mark identity logo brand
    Upstate South Carolina - Merchandise
  21. Move Up - Upstate South Carolina Identity badge script mountains south carolina mark icon branding brand identity logo
    Move Up - Upstate South Carolina Identity
  22. Upstate South Carolina Mark moon icon mountains south carolina badge logo brand identity mark
    Upstate South Carolina Mark
  23. Brickwork Project Identity sculptures lego historic architecture brickwork brick type icon mark identity brand logo logotype
    Brickwork Project Identity
  24. Brick Logo design brick wall building architecture blue identity brand mark icon lego brick logo
    Brick Logo
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